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1989 Seabreeze black tank and fitting

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If you have a Seabreeze it looks like the black tank is fiberglass. and here is the fitting that fits into it. What lube or sealant do you think I should use putting it back together? ...silicone grease?..pipe dope?





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Posted (edited)

I'd suggest Vaseline or a NON hardening silicone lube (not sealer).  Not something permanent like pipe/thread compound.  See if there is a pool supply store near you.  They sell a blue grease for rubber o-ring  gaskets in pool circulation components.  It is water proof and does not harden

Someone is going to want to take it apart someday.  Maybe not you and maybe not for a while but sooner or later someone will want to replace or re-route things.

If yours starts to leak you can always shove a fernco over the connection and tighten down the clamps until the leak stops (not to much as you don't want to crack either part)


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