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Battery upgrade and isolator questions on my '78 Shorty

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It's really not rocket science but wiring can be a big mystery  yeah a stereo shop may be a shot. The wire is probably a #8 that was pretty common. So your MH is a 78 yeah that has a puny alternator but to an extent you are smiling because you don't have to tinker the wiring just do the wiring up right, the isolator will just replace  the relay. The alt. is however going to have a hard time keeping up. Take a road trip I'm about 4-5 hours away from Boston bring some good IPA 's. and a space heater. 

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Thank you Cappy and all the comments. I'm doing the same things to my '83 Sunrader 21' w/rear door.  55K on it.  I bought it with everything taken out. Just frame and insulation. Super light now. Front windows where fiber glassed over by a marine company,  so no leaks there. I am rewiring as just an isolator under the hood, and one battery. Will be putting 2 or 3x100W solar panels on roof. In WA not much sun, but it is good when it is!  Thanks again for all the info, exactly my questions also.

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