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linda s

Posting in classifieds

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I would like to help people find the stuff they need a little better and some people post ads in the classified section that would be better served asking the group.

One person is looking for a Toyota toilet. There is no Toyota toilet. Toilets are generic and can be used on almost any RV provided you get the right height for your rig.

Another is looking for Dolphin parts but what he really needs are just Toyota truck parts like fenders and hood. Any salvage yard should be able to locate them for him. No paint won't match but finding the correct year Dolphin with no front end damage is close to impossible.

Couple of people are looking for Sunrader windows and interior parts. Kind of not going to happen. If posted on the main group site there's a better chance of finding an alternative or even finding someone who has something like it.

Thing is I don't think many of our members look at the classified section unless they are looking to buy a rig. If your selling that's the place to be but if your searching for stuff better to have the widest audience to help. Hope this helps.

Linda S

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Makes sense...I've never looked at the classifieds.

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