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At a recent Toyota RV rally in Illinois, one of the other owners noticed that I needed new rear leaf spring bushings as shown. Upon further inspection, the driver side rear shackle was bent toward the center, resulting in the leafsprings touching the outer shackle arm.

I just ordered two new  shackles  for 55 apiece, which included the 4 bushings on either side. To me, It looks exactly like the one that was on there, wasn't sure it was for the 1 ton when ordering.

The front eyelet ls bushings were ok.

A shop installed them for $180. First 2 shops wouldn't do it.




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My 1990 Odyssey needed new rear bushings a couple years ago, I went to a shop that worked on heavy trucks and buses.  They ended up ordering new shackles  and bushings from Toyota, the final price for parts and labor was $500.

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