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1990 Toyota Odyssey V6 / 21' / Panoramic Rear Windows

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Panoramic rear windows means either a ponderosa or mesa, 22 ft.  They are rare.

Took us a year looking for a panoramic rear window model to find our ponderosa. We really like it. Odysseys at 22 ft are the largest Toyota RV; wider and taller also and probably heavier.

Easy to drive and use the rear view mirror with the large rear window. Wife and I just resealed all our windows with butyl tape. We converted our back dinnette, now have two jackknife sofas that fold into a queen-size bed. Have a removable, back wall attaching table that extends between the sofas when used and stows under the rear window.

It's a great layout; all who have seen it seem to like it.


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I think my Odyssey Durango measures out 21.5 feet bumper to bumper.  The rear spare tire mount probably makes it 22 feet.

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