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Cab barrier

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I have gotten rid of the dog - made my youngest daughter take HER dog back. I love her dearly, but she needs way too much attention in way too many ways.

My dilemma now is my four boys - kitties. I have moved on from the 21' Dolphin and am moving into the  21' Sunrader I bought from Kale.

I know the boys well enough that I want to keep them out of the very clean cab, and need some sort of barrier that can still be opened fairly easily, and allows air to pass through. I'm thinking some sort of screening, but don't want something they can scratch through, or get their nails caught in, and is stowable.

The other issue is where to keep two litter boxes for four boys! In the Dolphin, I'd kept one in the cab, but accidents happened, and I ended up having to tear out the carpet, so I need to figure out the best places to put them.

Does anyone have any experience with this? Ideas? Suggestions?

I will also be building some sort of catio to go outside of a window, so they aren't stuck inside when I'm not around to have an open door. 

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That might work!


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