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More floor space in my Warrior

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Hello all . So I just got my first Toyota rv . It is a 1991 Winnebago Warrior .So as it needs LOTS of work , but I got her cheap enough . I felt as if it was a little crowded in the main salon. So my fix was to shrink the table area. And was wondering if anyone eles has done this .

I started by coming up with a happy number . ( 25inches)plenty wide to sit and eat . Cut every thing back roughly 5 inches and built-in new styles and doors . Of course the cushions will have to be shortened as well . I will cross that bridge when I go have them recovered. 

So in short know the floor is roughly 2 foot wide . Makes it really nice moving around inside . Especially when there is more than one person and the dogs , all tring to move around .

O , and one last thing , I love this site !

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Several have remounted the sofa closer to the window or taken the sofa out and made a simpler wooden replacement.

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