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 So, hey everybody.

i did some searching, both here and in the internets, and I can't find any article, video or topic discussing the effective removal of tires on the welded 14" semifloating wheels that came on the early 80's toyota RVs. I have a 18' Sunrader and I'm replacing the rear end with the full floating axle. But in order to get the rv home, I bought 6 new tires to put on the old wheels. Now I 'd like to pull them off and sell them ( they're regular car tires, oops) but everyone in my town says that in order to get them off, they're likely going to mess up the inner bead in doing so..., really! I mean, there has to be a technic to removing them without damaging them?

Anyone have any info, opinion or a link to a video showing the process, carefulyl or not?


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