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My Toyota Motorhome


Found 2 results

  1. There And Back...With My Cat

    Hi everybody! I recently got back from a 6000 mile trip from Wisconsin to Oregon down the coast into California and back. My truck now has 73000 miles on it. The mountain passes were rough where the engine wanted to overheat on the way up and brakes wanted to overheat on the way down. But I just took a bunch of cool down breaks for both. Worst MPG was 14.8 and best was 21.1 calculated the old fashioned accurate way. Average was about 18mpg. Just going to toss a bunch of pictures out with little descriptions for your viewing pleasure. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask! Water pump died in the first 50 miles of my trip. haha Podrick made himself quite comfortable riding shotgun. Mount Rushmore and some Black Hills exploring. Devils Tower These are all Bighorn National Forest. I did dispersed camping on a dirt forest road. I found that type of camping was the most fun. Lots of rain that night with a muddy drive down in the morning. The motorcycle on back was my short trip vehicle.
  2. I have a couple of questions about my planned trip for this summer. I will be going through Rocky Mountain NP on about June 1. I have checked and they try to have Trail Ridge Road open before Memorial Day. Has anyone gone through RMNP this early in the season? I know that the higher elevations will be mostly snow covered but what about the mid-level elevations? We will also be going from the Grand Canyon south rim to Yosemite. What is it like to drive through this area in early June? The most direct route goes through Lost Wages and the Death Valley area. This sounds like a good way to overheat the Toyhouse, my wife and I. I would like to enter Yosemite from the east but that is not set in stone. Would it be better to go northwest out of Vega on Nevada Highway 95 or follow Interstate 40 through Barstow and then go north on California highway 395 and follow that to Lee Vining? I have never been to California before and will be traveling north into Canada before heading back home in Wisconsin. This trip will be about a month long with about 10 days spent getting to the Grand Canyon and home from Glacier NP so we have about 3 weeks to see the basics of California, Oregon and Washington. I don't like cities and crowds so that keeps me away from the where most people like to hang out. Any input would be appreciated. I know that we are covering many miles in a short time but we have always been the drive and look type.