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My Toyota Motorhome


Found 19 results

  1. TuleCat

    Looking for an RV

    I am currently searching for my "escape". Hopefully, a Toyota. I had a Toyota Chinook back in the 80's and loved it, and it seems times have changed. I'm still looking for another Toyota that gets good MPG (no, really), has a little room and a stove for coffee. I am open to any suggestions on models, makes....
  2. So, hey guys.New to the forum,but not new. been lurking for a while to get ideas. My lady and I got a stock 78 toyota chinook (early) Newport, and drove the s*** out of it, down through mexico, and the mountains of CO. The engine died on us a year after her resurrected glory (re-did the interior and put a weber on, rear seals, etc, etc) Anyway, since it is now dead, instead of spending 3k on a rebuilt 20r, I have found a rolled 91 extra cab (SR5). Runs great, very well maintained for $900. I am now in the process of taking the cab and bed off in the hopes to put the whole 78 shell and cab of the Newport on. Here are some photos of both: I'd love any feedback from anyone, but certainly from other cab swapper/chinook fabricators out there. I can use just about all I can get. not actual, but same model/yr - will get some pics of interior/etc soon: actual 91 extra cab: Thanks
  3. NewfieBullet

    Need some tips!

    Hey so I've completely gutted my coach and now I need some tips on a few things, 1) Can I replace rotten timbers from inside? 2) What's the best way to clean seams to re-silicone? 3) Is there a way to fill old screw holes in the outside tin without patching with more tin from the inside?
  4. Hey I'm new to the community and let me say I'm very excited to be apart of this, me and my girlfriend have recently purchased a 1982 Toyota Minicruiser. We're going to need any advice you can give us in the coming weeks/months as we will be getting into a full renovation. Already we've found water damage and rott(see pics), I've looked through a good few threads here and noticed a lot of complete restorations so I know we're in the right place for help!! Thanks Jacob & Jess
  5. Sunrader111

    1 ton Dual axle

    Hi all, hoping someone can help. I have a 1984 18' Sunrader with really saggy springs, 5 lug dually/foolies and a slow leaking inner dually. I'm exploring best options... can anyone tell me: 1, Would a 1986-1988 proper 6 lug / 1 ton axle off a Toyota Sun Breeze fit my 1984 rig? 2, Would the leaf springs on the 1 ton Sun Breeze axle fit/line up with my 1984 rig? 3, Anybody know the ratio of this 1984 1/2 ton axle on my automatic trans, 22R Sunrader? 4, Would I expect issues with the parking brake if I'm to swap out the axle?
  6. Hello, first time posting here, my husband and I just bought a 1983 Toyota Huntsman and we are looking to obtain a manual so we can look at the the electric schematic as well as to learn the ins and outs of our new home. Also if anyone has a Huntsman and can offer any advice, resources, tips, suggestions, I'm all ears!! Thank you so much!
  7. I am thinking of buying a 1989 toyota rv. It has the name ultra on the body. Trying to learn a bit about the type body it is. Quality wise. Issues. Its v6 efi. I can find all kinds of info on other body types but not the ultra. Any suggestions on what to check out. Its a rear bath, rear door floor plan. Cant find it on any site
  8. Alright guys heres the situation my girlfriend and i are here from New Zealand and bought a 1980 toyota little chief in Vancouver around 2 months ago with the intentions of traveling across Canada and around the US, everyone assured us you cant go wrong with a Toyota, most reliable car around, will get you anywhere for far less gas, such fun much wow ect ect so after 2 months, 4 new tyres and quite a few auto parts store carpark fixes, we are in Belleville ON and the rear wheel bearing on drivers side has started making not so savoury noises. Its safe to say we are over it and what we are hoping is that one of you enthusiasts on here would want the little chief or know someone who does near here. We obviously want to get as much back as we can for it but are aware we are looking at a substantial loss. We are still deciding on plan b wether we will buy a mini van or something similar and continue on or look at greyhounds ect so this trip isnt a full loss. If you guys are interested, we want to hear offers that you would give us right now for it - cash money, so we can keep going. Even a vehicle trade of some description could work. Its a 20r motor with 4 speed trans, since we have had it i have reset the valves and had the timing reset and changed valve cover gasket, new exhaust mani gasket, new front main crank seal and changed oil pump o ring and checked clearances, 4 new tires, greased all grease points, changed both fuel filters and its running an electric pump new air filter and just had oil and filter done has the foolies on the back (wish i knew about them before we bought it) it has dual batteries with solenoid control House battery new and lasts for a few days with out driving. motor battery never goes flat. new 800w inverter New halogen head lights new fridge new oven\3 burner stove renovated Bathroom with toilet shower basin and mirror most globes led fold out couch and double bed above cab NO LEAKS new mixer tap in kitchen which allows for outdoor showers no rust at all airbags in the rear Cab interior mint and original 10 gallon fresh water tank 40 gallon grey unsure of black capacity but plenty for 5 plus days for 2 Plenty of storage There will be more ive forgotten but we will camp near here until Monday so we can ask a mechanic what the wheel bearings will cost to fix, we dont always have internet so can answer online questions fast but this is our number calls/texts welcome 604 367 4473 any advice on continuing in our little chief would be greatly appreciated too. Thanks guys
  9. I was just playing around in Photoshop and wanted to share. I have some other Ideas that I want to add to this as I get more time. Anyone is welcome to use the artwork and share. If you want larger or different versions just contact me. Here is a link that some of you may like and before you ask, on this site I don't make hardly squat ....literally just pennies. So this is not a money thing for me. It's all just for fun. Toyota Micro Mini Motorhomes The Original Tiny Home
  10. Hi Motorhome Friends My name is Gonzalo, I'm from Argentina region of Patagonia and a couple of years ago we started building our homemade motorhome on a Toyota Hilux 1992 2800 cc diesel. we stretch the chassis 55 cm barely we finish we will carry out an ecological project called Hagamos Eco (can find more information in Spanish in www.hagamoseco.com.ar) To summarize it is a journey from Argentina to Alaska performing tasks aimed at raising awareness about caring for the environment. Right now we are building our future home and leave you some pictures to see what you think. Cheers Gonzalo and Carolina In this moment we are starting with the structure
  11. This camper is within driving distance of my home town, I'm considering purchasing. Can you tell me anything I should know or ask about before I do? What I know from a brief conversation and seeing it (didn't drive it) in person today: It's imported from Japan & listed as a 1991 Toyota Hilux Sunrader 4WD Diesel Camper Motorhome. $22,500 Price seems steep, where can I negotiate? Does anyone have insight on the imported models? If they are very rare, the 4x4 diesel?? Any concerns or things I should ask about the rear axel? I'm new to this, seems like a great community thanks in advance for any advice. : ) It seems overall pretty well equipped, most of the amenities are original (old) and the inside, although livable, needs some TLC (shower not working, no toilet.) Turned the motor over, it started right up and purred like a good little diesel should. Details: 2.7L DIESEL ENGINE / 4 WHEEL DRIVE / RIGHT HAND STEERING / LOW MILES / REAR DUALLY / 5 SPEED TRANSMISSION / FIBERGLASS CAMPER / TV / BACKUP CAMERA OVERHEAD BED / AWNING / SOLAR PANEL / LADDER & ROOF RACK / SPARE TIRE STAINLESS SINK / MICROWAVE / REFRIGERATOR / ALL THIS AND MORE!!! GENERAL Body type Truck Drive PART 4WD Transmission 5 speed manual Displacement, cc 2779 Frame S-LN106-TRMSS ENGINE Displacement, cc 2779 Engine model 3L Max.power (Net), kw(PS)/rpm 91 ps (66.93 kw) / 4000 rpm Max.torque(Net), N*m(kg*m)/rpm 19.2 kg*m (188.29 N*m) / 2400 rpm Power density 17.03 Engine type Water cooling serial 4 cylinder OHC Fuel system Bosch type distribution type (jet pump) Fuel type Diesel Compression ratio 22.2 Bore, mm 96 Stroke, mm 96 Final gear ratio Fuel consumption at 10-15 modes, l/100km Fuel consumption at 60 km/h, l/100km CHASSIS / TRANSMISSION Power steering Tires size, front 215R15-6 Tires size rear 215r15-6 Braking system, front Disk Braking system, rear Drum (leading/trailing) Suspension system, front Semi- elliptic leaf spring Suspension system, rear Semi- elliptic leaf spring
  12. Hello Folks, I'm new to the RV world. I just bought an 1983 Dolphin RV from a neighbor. I flushed all the fluids, new sparkplugs, and wires. I tried to call the manafacture which apparentely is out of buisness for hope of getting ahold of the manual. Does anybody know where I could get a chilton-type manual for this beast? I noticed under the hood that there are two batteries. Does the battery that doesn't run the engine; run the refridgerator, auxillary air conditioner and water pumps? What do the different color tanks signify? How would I test if all the water pumps work? Where is a good place to find parts? i.e. skylights, appliances, roof racks, ladders, new air conditioning cover Thanks in advance Anson
  13. Wondering if by some miracle anyone out there who owns a late 80's/early 90's Odyssey would happen to have some original BLUE curtains lying around? It's the bluish, greenish, greyish velour. I've seen a lot of Odysseys sold in the past where people have completely redone the curtains and I'm thinking it would be great if one of these people happened to still have the originals in their possesion. Or maybe you have a rotted out Odyssey in your yard you're looking to part out... My Odyssey's curtain set is nearly complete, only missing a few pieces... so its hard for me to justify making all new curtains. But somehow a couple pieces were lost (rear window valance, one cabover side window curtain, and privacy curtain for the cabover). I have looked EVERYWHERE trying to match the fabric but it seems impossible. Hoping maybe someday if I'm diligent I will find someone with some of these curtains who doesn't need them. If you can help me in any way... I REALLY APPRECIATE IT!! please e-mail me at: eternitycomplex@yahoo.com for a quicker response. THANKS!!
  14. pappysnook

    Solar Panels On A Pop Top?

    Does anyone have any experience with solar panels on a pop top? I have a 76 chinook that I would like to put a couple small solar panels on but I'm concerned about the added weight causing issues with raising and lowering the roof. Any thoughts?
  15. I bought a 1985 Sunrader 18', It needs a Cover for the Water Heater, Needs a Fender Flair on Passenger Side, Needs a Fridge, Needs a Couple Side View Mirrors, Where is a Good Parts Place for Those Items. Lucky Phillips 717-658-6848
  16. Good evening. I am considering purchasing a Toyota Dolphin for a cross country adventure. I will plan several local trips before beginning the adventure. I want the rear dinette model for better light, better seating, and less weight in the back. I know to check for leaks and to make sure the rear axle has been upgraded. I have found a 1983 Dolphin (107k mi) and a 1985 Dolphin (61k mi) both of which seem to be in good shape, both under $5k. What gotchas should I look for besides axle and leaks? What are the differences that ought to be considered? What are the most important upgrades that I'm likely to want? I've heard about LED lighting, a backup camera, and extra cooling what else? And if there is a different year that I should be looking for, please point me in the right direction! Thanks in advance for all or your help. cheers, Ellen
  17. Hi, This is my first time on this forum I'm on my way to look at a 1985 Sunrader 21ft 4 cylinder 4 speed with 75000 miles for $6000. From what I've read and heard it sounds like a good deal. It has the 1ton rear axle and many new parts. The only flaws so far is it needs a new frig which i read will cost $1100, no a/c and some sort of crack that does not leak. I will take any advice on what to look for, what to ask, etc I really want to buy this sunrader and I'm trying to cover all my bases beforehand. thank you in head of time michael
  18. When I purchased my 1987 Toyota Escaper made by Damon industries I found it had most of the original documentation. I was contacted via my blog (link in my signature) from someone asking if I could provide the manual since they are quite hard to find. I was surprised I haven't thought of this sooner since I am sure there are plenty of people that would love to see the factory documentation that came with the Toyota Escaper Micro mini motor home. I have scanned the entire manual and compressed it into a zip but it seems the forum will not allow my to upload a zip. Here is a short front and back piece showing options and what not. And here is the entire manual page by page. If I am not aloud to upload this much stuff please let me know! I am only trying to provide to the community
  19. jimjam1327

    Newby Needs Advice!

    I'm looking to buy my first RV tomorrow...it's a 1985 Toyota Escaper with 94,000 miles. Asking price $4500. I have no experience with this situation, and I've been researching for days online. I would like to find out if there are certain things, besides the rear axle 6 lug thing, that I should be looking out for?...what are some basic questions I should ask the current owner?? AND should I take it in somewhere to get looked over before I buy? Also, if there are issues with it, how do I go about asking for a lower price? From the looks of the ad photos, the RV has been very well taken care of, and the owner has updated the interior. He did mention in an email, though, that at higher speeds, it will leak a little bit of oil...is that something I should be concerned with? Is that an expensive fix? How much off the asking price could I get for something like that? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!