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My Toyota Motorhome


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  1. Purchased 1993 Itasca Spirit in June with 138,000 mi. New engine 20,000 miles.( Original trans..) 1. 2 new tires. 2. Rubbed off all cracked stripes & re-striped exterior after restoring fiberglass siding...then 6 coats of Zep "wet look" floor finish. 3. Painted front and rear bumpers black, hood white. 4. Sealed aluminum roof and seams. 5. Shimmed fridge door for proper closing 6. Adjusted entry door and used several new screws to the slightly loose and rattling frame. 7. Replaced valve stems in lav.faucet 8. Replaced broken porch light with led model 9. Replaced holding tank sensors 10. "Zepped" all interior wood cabinets and vinyl floor 11. Bought 2000W. Generator 12. Bought portable A/C 13. Seat covers and floor mats in cab 14. Removed broken furnace - connected 10' hose to existing LP and using quick connect for new Mr. Heater. 15. Caulked leaking Fantastic Fan mount. 16. Caulked leaking clearance lights 17. Caulked bath fixtures and around kitchen counter 18. Replaced all interior lights w/LEDs. 19. Put 3000 miles on it and camped 7 times or so. Leaving for a family reunion (2000 miles). Next Wednesday..wonder how she will do going over the Grapevine in So. Cal.? 20. Oh yea...2 oil changes now using synthetic oil...trans. flush. Purchased for $9500 Total approximate cost to date. $12,000. Sooo glad I'm retired now!. 21. Forgot about the new windshield for the cracked and leaking one. 22. Repaired radio antenna 23. Installed microwave 24. Made new stove cover 25. Used recharge kit for r134 cab air.(still cold after 3months (for now)! Just got back from So.Cal trip...2200 miles with no issues...Yay! (Solid 15 mpg. Used 1 quart of oil, slowest on steepest grades 45mph- 50mph on steep grades. Average cruising speed throughout trip 60mph (3VZE engine).