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My Toyota Motorhome


Found 5 results

  1. The P trap below the shower on my 1986 Sunland Express looks original, but has cracked. I ordered LaSalle Bristol (652011P) P-Trap Assembly which has an offset on the U-trap portion of 3.5 inches (Center to center of inlet to outlet). The old trap has an offset of about 4 inches (center to center). I'm having trouble finding that dimension listed for anything listed online. I'd rather not put stress on the shower pan or the grey water tank, so I'm looking for a replacement which either has the correct offset or some other creative solution. Has anyone replaced theirs and found a source? Another thought is that the grey water and black water go into the same tank on my camper. I don't love this, so I'm also open to ideas that would allow me to shower and not fill the black water tank. I know others have mentioned outside showers, and that may be the best solution. I only boondock, so my thought is that a bypass of the grey water coming from the shower and dropping directly to ground is the same as an outdoor shower except the benefits of privacy and no mud on the feet. If I were to add a bypass of the black water tank by adding a valve coming from the shower drain, I'd still need a trap after the bypass to prevent my current issue of black water tank gas creeping into the bathroom. Are there other environmental considerations? Has anyone done something like this?
  2. Hello. I have a 1984 Toyota Sunrader 18' - rear dinette. I don't have any desire to use the shower/bathroom and was considering removing it for extra space or turning it into storage. Wondering if anyone has done something similar or if anyone had any advice. Thanks, Tyler
  3. So the shower/floor drain on my Sunrader seems not to be draining. Worse yet, when I flush the toilet some yellow water comes up thru the drain. 😱 Does this mean that my shower is somehow connected to my black water tank, or that my toilet is connected to the grey water tank? Also, the panel says that grey water is only 1/4 full and black is empty. Your insight and guidance are greatly appreciated. Heck, even a snarky reply would be nice. 😼
  4. Hello Toyota Motorhomers, In the process of fixing up my beautiful 91' Warrior, I'm currently ripping out the foam insulation and plywood in the shower area due to water damage; rot and mold. Does anyone have any tips for gluing the exterior to the interior? The only way I see to do it is to take apart the seam from the outside to be able to clamp everything down with some Gorilla glue. Also, I haven't decided what to replace the cruddy Luan stuff on the interior shower with. It obviously didn't stay too waterproof over the years. Looking for just some heavy duty plastic paneling online hasn't produced much. Thanks in advance for any help and recommendations! Lope
  5. Shower Pan

    Greetings: After nearly 9 months, I feel the need for a shower. OK, in my 1986 Dolphin. The repair I need to undertake is to repair or replace the shower pan. It is cracked in several spots. I have run water into it, and it comes out under the Dolphin, so I know this shower pan's integrity is shot. So, do I try to repair it, perhaps by re-fiberglassing the bottom? Or as I suspect, when I remove it, I'll need to put some type of structural support under the new or re-glassed shower pan. I realize the Dolphin was designed for folks not quite my size (6' 2" 250lbs), but I REALLY like my Dolphin and want to keep it functional in all respects. I know there are many of you whom are quite good at many fixes for Dolphins ( I have gotten great advice and direction) Please help oh wise and knowledgeable Dolphin Masters Truly, Stephen