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My Toyota Motorhome


Found 2 results

  1. Curious what might be other setups for converting the rear dinette to a bed? I bought my 84 shorty with what seems to be someone’s attempt to make a sturdy bed surface by laying plywood across this rear area. The problem is it’s both unsturdy under weight (cheap plywood) and it slides around under certain movement. I have clamps on it to prevent that but really looking for any improvement ideas or other efficent setups. I’m not sure what factory might have been and can’t seem to find any info online. Thanks in advance for advice and any nudge in a better direction for this! Few shots in link https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zpvw6d4515rwi96/AACRp1GR9y0tEBeO_bALSZ2ia?dl=0
  2. Hello! My name is Jon and I live in Hamilton Square, a small village outside of Stroudsburg, PA approximately 8 miles west of the Delaware Water Gap NJ/PA border. I have been looking for a Toyota based RV for well over 4 years now, I have participated in groups, drooled over craigslist ads, and even helped a friend of mine buy a Dolphin in Florida so he and his girlfriend could travel the country for 2 years. But I never found my rig or one in my price range. Everything I had ever looked at or found, I internally compared to a Sunrader.. It's like my machinist buddies say " no matter what mill you buy, you'll always wish it was a Bridgeport" So I held out and bought a Bridgeport.. Well, one day Karma stepped in and somehow provided to me.... This is my 85 Sunrader. I like to say that I rescued it from a the clutches of nature. This Shorty used to belong to an older gentleman who has since passed. Sadly, his house and and associated property went up for tax sale in 2012. But since the house was is such disrepair it sat and sat and sat...until a friend of mine picked it up for something ridiculous like $10k. During a casual conversation about Toyota based motorhomes my friend mentioned he thought he had one in the driveway of a property he bought. It was late but he asked if I wanted to check it out.. I sort of reluctantly said yes. I was already assuming it would be a rotten and rusty heap of garbage and that I'd be doing nothing more than helping him dispose of it somehow. I followed him down several unfamiliar roads for about 15 mins and up one big steep hill that resembled pikes peak. this road eventually opened up into a lovely neighborhood full of well groomed hedges and striped lawns. We travelled down another 1/4 mile and then my friend stopped next to what appeared to be an undeveloped lot. I thought he wanted to relay some directions to me when he hopped out of his truck and started walking toward me in my jeep so I dropped the window and stuck my head out. Then he said " here we are! park there"... It was 9:30 and pretty darn dark out so I popped on my flashlight app in my phone and followed him through the woods.. he was 5 feet in front of me and held up a pine tree branch as we descended down a small bank. thats when I spotted what appeared to be a mid 90's dodge pickup. I started to check it out and then I heard my pal over in the dark say " Here it is. come check it out". I turned and took a few steps toward his voice. I then lifted my light and saw the toyota grille and headlights and then confirmed to him that yes, it is a Toyota. I then lifted my light and once my eyes focused what I gazed upon were two, glorious, magical, wrap around windows.. It only took a second and then my adrenaline started surging! I couldn't believe it! I was in the presence of an actual Sunrader.. something I always pined over but gave up on many moons ago.. I started getting whimpery and acting giddy.. I then stepped to the side and realized that it was a shorty!! I couldn't barely contain myself. My friend couldn't understand my excitement. I kept saying things like "Unicorn" and "Hens Teeth" and other words describing rare things. That's when with his bewildered face on he asked me "You like this kind of thing?" I quickly exploded with a rambunctious unbridled "YES!!". What I saw wasn't pretty, but I knew it could be and will be one day.. A few mins passed and He still didn't understand my fascination but without a missed beat he said.. " heh', shit.. you can have it.."... That's when I lost my mind and I may have even pee'd a little... That moment on began the planning of the reclamation of the Sunrader from the clutches of nature. I returned the next day with some yard tools and a mission.... The first order of business was to figure out where the heck it was?! So I began the itchy and tedious process of bushwhacking my way into the property. . It was hidden behind this poor neglected Ram.. but that thing had to get lost before I could extract this gem from the driveway. with all of the trees cut I still had to wait for the Dodge to leave so I did what anyone impatient would do.. try to start the rig! I installed a new battery and after a bunch of squirting gasoline into a vacuum hose the 22RE came to life and kept running on it's own! 7+year old fuel still burning nice! Cycled the transmission and it went forward and reverse WAHOO! A few days went by and I got the call that the Dodge was being picked up that evening so I planned on the next day to be rescue day. After work I rushed over, turned the key and moved the rig out of it's sleeping area. the sound of vines ripping and tearing was something else. this rig was becoming part of the scenery. I pulled it out and onto the other driveway area to take a look at the sides I couldn't really see before now and boy was it filthy. The rig was clearly converted to makeshift hot dog cart and unfortunately for me the ladder was cut off and the rear window was removed in order to hack in this abomination of a window as well as a crappy service counter. The installer of this mess clearly had no respect for the rig . A few mins later We loaded her up and headed home..( had to stop for air in the trailer tires) The next day I figured the only way to get my wife to be ok with the Sunrader was to take some of the eyesore factor away from it.. a quick localized cleaning revealed that the years of scum and scuz had protected the gelcoat quite well. So I set forth and fired up the pressure washer and wouldn't you know it.. The rig isn't all that bad looking after all. Sure there markers are all missing and there are lots of little holes and damages caused by the previous owner but overall it's not in bad shape. While the exterior is not too shabby, the interior is an entirely different story as It was abused, neglected, and home to various rodents and spiders for so many years. Part of the dinette will need to be rebuilt and the cabinets need several missing doors fabricated but I'm currently working on trying to clean it up. I think this is going to be a terrific project with lots of hurdles, lessons, and rewards. I have three issues as of now some I need help with from the community. 1. Sourcing a 1 Ton FF rear axle and wheels (locally) 2. Sourcing a large format rear window 66" x 30" ( or whatever the larger picture windows dimensions are) (locally if possible) 3. Fiberglass in a support beam to repair the roof sag caused by the AC and time When I say locally I mean NJ, NY, PA, DE, VT, NH, ME, MA, RI... Basically anywhere within 5 hrs of me. Glad to be here. Thanks for having me. Jon Attached you will find other photos of various filth and disgust.