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Found 5 results

  1. Hello all, I've tried finding the right shocks for my Dolphin and I'm still not sure of exactly what the right models are. Can anyone recommend the correct KYB shocks I should get for my 1984 Dolphin? Thank you so much.
  2. I plan to change out the original shocks on my 1992 Winnebago Warrior. Any recommendations?
  3. Rockin' Issue

    Hey everyone 1981 Huntsman 20' 4 cyl 4 spd dually what happened was this, vehicle handled well and I replaced the relay rod, tie rods inner and outer, both sides on tie rods, because of a popping noise when I turned to the right. it was the relay rod and idler arm connection, it was very loose and falling apart so, since I had to do the one thing I just did everything..pain in the rear but done and done steering is tight and not pulling I did get one cog off on my pitman arm to gearbox because my steering wheel is now cocked slightly to the right BUT, I have an issue that I do not understand and it is this, now when driving if I turn ever so slightly when driving in a straight line I get a "rocking" from side to side of the top of the camper.. as if I had a massive full tank of water on the roof.. what can cause that? .. a sway bar or a stabilizer? I have bags on the rear that I aired up to almost full which before was what I had to do to get a smooth ride that wouldn't bounce the "cheechee's" off my female riders, was not comfortable for my ostomy either. I have not had it very long and drove it to the Ozarks when I bought it .. and when I learned the airbags smooth out the ride and keep the bouncing to a bare minimum .. but this rocking left to right from the top is kinda scary.. definitely a safety issue and causing me concern as I don't want to roll over because I tried to avoid an obstacle in the road.. which before the repairs was never an issue.. So I think I fixed one and created another problem.. but more likely I already had the problem and fixing one thing only made the other much more obvious.. at any rate I have no clue how to stop it and do miss driving it regularly.. any help is greatly appreciated Thanks
  4. I just bought a pair of billstein shocks from eshocks . went to go put them on the front and the bolt holes don't line up and are too wide. And the tube is too big to fit through the hole in the A arm. Bilstien shows they fit from 84 up to 95. the cab of the truck says it's an 83 even though it's titled as an 84. Has anyone ever had this problem before? has anyone ever had to modify the A arm to get other shots to fit. Thanks.
  5. I did a search for KYB brand here on the forum and came up empty. Getting new shocks for my home and Les says they have no Bilstein in stock from their current suppliers. They siad KYB are equal to Bilstein, is this true?