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My Toyota Motorhome


Found 11 results

  1. I have a vintage 1990 Toyota Odyssey - WALL CLOCK - for sale removed carefully from the wall of the cabin. It's pretty nice-look at the photos. It is about 6" diameter, gold in color, and It takes a single AA battery. Anyone who is interested in restoring their Odyssey with a quite nice vintage 'Gold' color clock from an original Odyssey cabin may be interested. I think I can take any reasonable offer to make you a good deal. PS Because the rig has proven to need so much work to do on it-then I anticipated, I'm modying into a weekender rather than to restore it to its beutiful original condition. So, I'm renovating the cabin with a different color of fresh paint, stuff and things, new floor tile, etc. Someone who knows about 'restoration' and fixing things up like the original may be more interested in hanging the beautiful vintage 'gold' color Odyssey WALL CLOCK in their project.
  2. I am currently searching for my "escape". Hopefully, a Toyota. I had a Toyota Chinook back in the 80's and loved it, and it seems times have changed. I'm still looking for another Toyota that gets good MPG (no, really), has a little room and a stove for coffee. I am open to any suggestions on models, makes....
  3. Just picked up a 1986 Toyota Bandit and am hunting for an owners manual. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. arturo

    84 Toyota RV

    1984 Toyota RV front top clearance lights not working.
  5. Hi all- I am currently in the market for a Toyota Motorhome, and I thought I finally settled on one until I stumbled upon a potential issue in my research today. This is the ad of the rig I am looking at. http://albuquerque.craigslist.org/rvs/4536487075.html It seems to be in excellent condition and has low mileage which is a plus. My intent is to possibly drive it down to South America, so it will be a pretty rigorous trip I assume. I definitely need something that can get me up hills pretty well, and is reliable. The issue that came up with the Sun-Land was that it can barely make it up hills, and someone mentioned it is because the 4 cylinder engine simply isn't enough for this RV. Does anyone have experience with this model? Are the hills a genuine issue for it? If so, are there any other models that would be more suited for what I am looking to do. I live in Denver currently, so needless to say there are a lot of "hills" around. Thank you in advance!
  6. When I bought my Escaper the roof air worked great, but the cab air did not work. The ac compressor turned on but made a bad sound and there was no cold air. I'm about to go on a travel for a while and definitely wanted my cab air working! I started out by ordering a new compressor for an 87 Toyota truck. When the compressor arrived it was immediately apparent that the compressor was the wrong style mounting and everything. Here is the stock A/C compressor in place before any work. Here is the first compressor I ordered, which was the wrong style since it was for a factory installed A/C system. This is when I figured out that the truck had a dealer installed A/C system. Notice the mounting style is completely different. I returned that compressor and was able to locate the compressor I needed on Ebay. This was the only place I was able to locate the exact style of mine and I got it brand new in an auction for $117! Old vs. new Here is the engine bay with the ac compressor removed, also the air intake is removed as well. For those interested, here are the sensors used for the cold start injector. They are located directly underneath the air intake. I removed both and cleaned them due to my truck having a cold start issue. It ended up being a missing screw in the throttle positioning sensor and the idle was off. All lines were removed. The evaporation coil was also removed from under the dash. I have a feeling this may be one of the reasons the ac system did not work! Here is the coil after a good cleaning. Also is the chemical I used to flush all of the lines to get rid of old oil residue. Putting it back into the box. Removing the expansion valve from the line. Once I saw the compressor lines on the new compressor, I noticed it was a different style mount. It was an oring type of connection when what it needed to be was a flare style connection. A day later I had the adapters I needed, obtained from a local A/C shop. New compressor in place. The easiest way to get the evaporation coil in place was to put it in, put the expansion valve in place, and then put the top of the case on. Then the thermostat was slid into place from the top. This was kind of a pain in the butt. Lines connected.
  7. When I purchased my 1987 Toyota Escaper made by Damon industries I found it had most of the original documentation. I was contacted via my blog (link in my signature) from someone asking if I could provide the manual since they are quite hard to find. I was surprised I haven't thought of this sooner since I am sure there are plenty of people that would love to see the factory documentation that came with the Toyota Escaper Micro mini motor home. I have scanned the entire manual and compressed it into a zip but it seems the forum will not allow my to upload a zip. Here is a short front and back piece showing options and what not. And here is the entire manual page by page. If I am not aloud to upload this much stuff please let me know! I am only trying to provide to the community
  8. One of the original documents that was included with the Toyota Escaper motor home. (back)

    © I<3myEscaper

  9. One of the original documents that was included with the Toyota Escaper motor home. (front)
  10. Hi i just bought a 1977/78 Toyota Fourwind RV, and everything works inside the RV and the only problem i am having is the top running lights dont work. i have tested the bulbs and they all work. i try to just ground one of the lights and they dont work put jsut 12v from batt and that doesnt work but if i get a 12v battery and hook up + and - to bulb it comes on. HELP PLEASE or suggestions. TY
  11. andrewbigler


    From the album: Toyota Fourwind 1977/78

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