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Found 11 results

  1. Hey Everyone- I'm wondering if the water piping and fixtures are still being manufactured. I have a 91 toyota spirit and I am installing a hot water heater bypass. I need a female to female elbow to attach to the brass valve that I've attached to the to the cold water intake. I haven't been able to find the part that I need and I haven't been able to find that type of grey tubing parts that my RV is equipped with so I'm wondering if it still exists. Thanks for any info.
  2. Hi there, I have a strange water leak. It's coming from a small pipe that's connected via a tee connection to the line coming from the water pump to the faucet and goes out through the floor of the RV in the back. It's been there since day 1 but suddenly started to leak yesterday. Another mysterious thing is that it continues leaking when the pump is off. Pics attached, any insight on what this is or how to stop it will be much appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Are there causes for the coach water pump cycling when the system's not in use (no tap open, not flushing toilet, etc) other than leaks in the system? My pump does this somewhat intermittently. For instance, about 90% of the time, within 30 seconds after I've closed a tap or completed a flush, the pump will give one very brief grunt. About 50% of the time, between 3 and 5 minutes later, it'll give another grunt. Sometimes, but rarely, it'll grunt again 5 minutes later. After that, it doesn't happen again. I can (and have) leave the pump on all night and it won't grunt again. If its has its first grunt or two, I can turn it off over night and it won't grunt again when I switch it on in the morning. Other than one short section that runs behind the fiberglass bathroom unit wall, I've checked all the piping and connections and they're bone dry. I've checked the drain tubes coming from the system drainage valves, and they'd dry. I've checked the pump and the floor under the pump, and it's dry. I have checked the plumbing going into the water heater, and checked in, around and under the compartment it's in, but I haven't pulled the heater all the way out. I'm stumped! I did drain the system last year, is it possible there's an air bubble in there somewhere that's causing this? I've used all the taps since then.
  4. Hey y'all, hope today is treating you well. Just picked up a Sunrader yesterday and I'm stoked! She's in pretty good shape for being 32 years old. Right now I'm trying to troubleshoot some issues with the water pump and plumbing. When I turn the water pump on, it will run until it has built up pressure (I suppose?) and then stop. Then as soon as I turn the kitchen sink on it kicks on again. If that's normal, cool, but I really have no idea since this is my first RV of any kind. But what doesn't seem normal is that it will at times shut off and I get no flow out of the sink. I'll flip the switch to off again, wait a while, then turn it back on and it will work, with water coming out of the kitchen sink. The hot and cold work on the kitchen sink, but only the hot on the bathroom sink and it doesn't seem like the shower works. The folks I bought it from winterized it and I seem to have run most of the pink antifreeze out of the cold line, but not the hot line. I left the sink running on hot (not sure if the water was actually hot) and it was quite pink. I opened the door to the bathroom and saw some pink bubbles coming up from the shower drain, as shown in the picture below. Could it be that the black water tank is full? Or the gray water? I don't think I ran THAT much water through the lines.... Thanks for your help!
  5. I discovered a slight leak in the closet of my 1984 Toyota Sunrader 18'. It was dripping down the vent pipe that goes down to the black water tank. Turns out there's a water line running alongside that vent pipe, and I traced it back down to where it attaches to another water line under the fridge near the heater. Fortunately, there's a valve where it attaches, and I was able to shut that off. My question is: What is this water line's purpose? Why does it even exist? Is there any harm in always leaving it turned off?
  6. Hi everybody, My 18' Toyota SunRader restoration is coming along, but I've found a new issue: Hopefully the pictures I've attached show it better than I can explain it. I hear they're each worth a thousand words. The nut that connects the sink to the pipe that runs down to the grey water tank has broken. Worse yet, the rest of the pipe's parts seem to be epoxied together, so I can't replace individual parts. ? Your advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Lenny
  7. Hi there! I'm a pretty new owner, and picked up my Sunland Express this June. I've been lurking on the forum since then - a ton of excellent info here! But here's the problem... I've got some serious roof leaks on this, and I'm working my way through cleaning up and resealing roof vents and seams. I've made use of a ton of info I've gotten from this forum about how to do things, so thanks everybody! But I'm not sure what to do with the plumbing vent. I first noticed it was missing a cap. Then, as I was cleaning off the gobs of silicone covering the base, I found that the plastic vent cover was cracked in places, and that there's nothing sealing the vent cover to the pipe. I also found that a previous owner had taken a standard round vent cover and sawed off one side to make it fit in this position. I've been searching for a vent cover that can fit here, but haven't found one. There's less than 1" between the pipe and the side trim. Is this a standard configuration? Does anybody make covers that will fit this? Is there a better solution than buying one and sawing off the side? I'd sure appreciate any ideas you folks have! Thanks!
  8. Last weekend when I went to fill the fresh water tank on my Sunrader Shorty, it started to drop below the vehicle. You can see it in the picture. Being that the rig is new to me, I don't know if this means that there's a leak in the fresh water tank or if the winterization valve is open. (As a California vehicle, I don't know why the winterization valve would be open, but it's possible.) How would I close the winterization valve?
  9. So the shower/floor drain on my Sunrader seems not to be draining. Worse yet, when I flush the toilet some yellow water comes up thru the drain. ? Does this mean that my shower is somehow connected to my black water tank, or that my toilet is connected to the grey water tank? Also, the panel says that grey water is only 1/4 full and black is empty. Your insight and guidance are greatly appreciated. Heck, even a snarky reply would be nice. ?
  10. Hello all. I'm new to this board and desperate! My husband and I have had an 88 Toyota Seabreeze since 1996 and have way more money into it than I even want to think about. The only way to get anywhere near our money's worth is to use it. We are picky with it and it is very nice on the inside. I became unemployed 2 years ago, just after we relicensed the motor home for 2 years. We haven't been out in it for two years but kept it "healthy" or so we thought. I have found some temporary work at about half the wage I used to make but am very grateful for the work. So now we decided that before the license ran out on it this November that we wanted to take it out. We tuned it up, checked everything out and everything seemed to be perfect, sanitized the fresh water tank. We were excited. Tonight, we were getting it ready to take it out for a few days but I noticed after adding water that the water pump would run intermittently. That usually means a leak somewhere, usually in the past it has been minor (water tank plug not tight enough for instance). My husband shrugged it off as air in the lines. But I was suspicious and followed my gut feeling and decided to check it out one more time after spending the evening loading it up. What I discovered was I could hear a dripping sound that sounded like it was in the wall between the shower and the kitchen. Our model has a rear bath with separate shower. We haven't used it in years as it is easier to use that area for storage. When we opened the plumbing door under the shower, we could see some dripping, which increased as we left the pressure on. My husband tried to check the shower faucets (several years ago we replaced seals) but you can't take the entire fitting off. There seems to be a pipe coming up for the shower head and we can't remove the plate. My husband removed a part of the lower wall to expose the area that was getting dripped on, but we can't find where the leak itself it is coming from. Our guess is that we either have a loose joint or the sealer may have given out, or possibly a cracked pipe. We never leave water in the pipes in the winter time and have never had trouble with that. Is there any way to get a schematic of that area to know where the pipes are? We would love to just cap off the shower somehow before it gets to the wall, but we are not exactly sure which pipe goes to the shower and don't want to affect the toilet or the bathroom sink. We could live without the bathroom sink if we had to, but not the toilet. We hate the thought of tearing into the wall (especially not knowing where the pipes are located), but feel like we have nothing to lose even if we screw it up. We really can't afford to take it anywhere right now and would like to learn it ourselves. Has anybody else had this problem and been able to cap off just the shower. If so, how can you figure out the correct pipe going to the shower? Thank you for any advice you can give. We may still take off in it for a day or so and just not use the water anymore than we have to. We can take an extra hose and just bring in water from outside through the window so we don't have to have the water pump on (or pressure from the outside water hookup), but that can get old real fast, especially if the weather is bad. I'm sure that will be no fun, but it is a way to get out in it. We are pretty disappointed, especially since everything else is working perfectly. Thank you for any ideas or help we can get. Our coach is National RV, which is, of course, out of businss now, or we'd call them. Anybody have a schematic showing where the water piping goes in that wall? I would also be concerned about the wiring, so we don't just want to start cutting. Thank you!
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