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My Toyota Motorhome


Found 9 results

  1. I have a 1986 Toyota camper. I am looking for a lens (or complete fixture) for a small outdoor white light located near main door of the camper. I did not find it on ebay. Any ideas? Thank you. Jimmy
  2. Hi All, New to the Forum and i would have posted in the classifieds, but that section isn't loading for me. Apologies if i violated a forum rule. I purchased my 1990 Toyota Americana in March of 2019. It had a water leak in the back where the fiberglass and subfloor separated and let water in. This was hidden by the carpet under the bathroom sink when we purchased it. Upon repairing, I had disconnected the generator, removed it and began on repairs to generator box as well. The fuel line to the generator leaked overnight and when I returned to the rig the next day and opened the generator box, the fuel/vapors sparked and the RV burned to the ground. Sadly, we only drove the rig about 150 miles from where we purchased it to our home. That being said, we had some parts that were pulled out of the rig before it burned and some others that the fire didn't appear to damage. See below of items for sale: 2.8 Onan Microlite gasoline generator. It had less than 30 hours run time according to the rig before it went up in smoke. My uncle was able to get the generator to run. It was not in the rig when it burned. $1,000 OBO Aqua Magic IV RV toilet. $30 OBO Horizontal Propane Tank. Visual Requalification completed 8/16 (See pic). Manual is toast, but I believe it is a 20#/ 5 Gallon tank. $70 OBO 1990 Toyota 3.0 3VZ-E with Approximately 60,XXX miles I purchased it at 59,XXX. The fire was put out before it got through the firewall. I have service records from Toyota 2015 and 2016 for most of the work that was done including, Oil and oil filter, engine coolant flush/fill, Fuel system Service (EFI Kit), Spark plugs, wires, (R&R (Standard) not sure what R&R is...), Brake system flush, timing belt replaced, drive belt replaced, water pump replaced, distributor cap replaced, all done in 2015. 2016 the fuel pump was replaced, along with oil and oil filter and air filter being changed in March 2019 by me before I bought it. The rig would start on first try and wasn't smoking. It ran very smoothly and given the low mileage and being able to verify these services, this is why I decided to purchase it. $1,500 OBO. If I had the cash on hand to purchase an old Toyota pickup, I'd swap the motor and put it in there. Transmission can be sold as well if needed with the motor. We can negotiate a deal for both. 1 ton axle: I believe it is a full floating 1 ton and the Duallys with 6 lug. To my knowledge, they are OEMa and not aftermarket or swap. The tires on it are also in good shape from what I can tell. I don't see any physical signs of stress from the fire or melt on them. I'm asking $650 OBO for the axle. Feel free to ask me questions. The rig is in North Central Arkansas on the Arkansas/Missouri border. I've included some pics of the parts I listed. It would of made a great rig and my wife and child were looking forward to getting it on the road this month....
  3. Does anyone have any idea where I can get window weep hole covers for a 1991 Sunrader? Thanks in advance!
  4. Some days Google is not your friend. I had no luck searching the forums, so I am posting and starting a new thread. I am looking for a supplier for the cable door for the generator compartment on my 92 Warrior. I went to Camping World and their 'one-size-fits-most' replacement covers are too small in the hole pattern department. (I also learned that they try to screw you on returns if you have coupons, but that is another story). Most of what I find on Amazom and eBuy are cheap Chinese knockoffs which are not always the right dimensions. I have stumbled across various suppliers mentioned in individual posts, but noticed that there is no 'sticky' for suppliers that have parts that will fit our rigs. (For example, I notice Shockwarehouse.com in many posts.) It probably wouldn't hurt if there was a sticky for service providers (shops that do suspensions, suppliers for aftermarket parts for the upgrades that come with a 'custom' repair on the suspension, etc.) Maybe if people posted where they find their parts, we can avoid repetitive posts.
  5. Hey Sunrader Nerds! My 1985 Nissan Sunrader has a defunct emergency brake so I've been using tire blocks when I park it. I'm dropping it off at the car doctor this week and was hoping to locate a cable for the e-brake so I can have them fix it (I don't trust myself with this task at this point in my tinkering career). They mechanic was concerned that he wouldn't have the part. Does anyone know if it requires the same length cable as a Nissan 720 pickup or is it a longer cable? Bonus points if you include a link to purchase the part Thanks everyone!
  6. In case anyone is in San Diego and looking for a cabover bunk cushion. I am giving it away. I have to move from my house, and have to do it quick. http://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/rvs/5797572132.html
  7. Since I drive for an auto parts store, I can get parts wholesale. As I look under the hood of the 1986 Toyota Pickup, I'm thinking maybe I should replace some of this stuff. Less things to worry about. Any ideas on parts I could replace just for the halibut? Already got new battery, alternator, wires, plugs, belts.
  8. I like many others on this forum at one time or another, have purchased a new home. It is an '82 Dolphin with 150k on her odometer! The exclamation point was because it still has the 5 lug, fake duallies and seems to be doing just fine. That being said, I will be strapping about 400lbs to my rear bumper and want to make this baby as strong as I can get her. I will be doing the FF rear end swap and don't mind putting in time to build, adapt, and bleed for this project, but I do need to know what other equipment I will be needing besides the axle itself. I will be using a shop with a large amount of tools at my disposal. My brother is also quite talented with custom fabricating things and I know the owner of a machine shop or two. I'm just trying to get all my ducks in a row before I start shooting. Any advice on parts or steps involved would be greatly appreciated. I did many searches but was unable to find what I needed. Thanks for your input! - Jeff
  9. I have a 1990 Toyota Odyssey Americana. Does anybody know where I can get after market parts for it? I need a new generator compartment door, fresh water fill cap, and a few other things.
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