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My Toyota Motorhome


Found 6 results

  1. Hello, first time posting here, my husband and I just bought a 1983 Toyota Huntsman and we are looking to obtain a manual so we can look at the the electric schematic as well as to learn the ins and outs of our new home. Also if anyone has a Huntsman and can offer any advice, resources, tips, suggestions, I'm all ears!! Thank you so much!
  2. I'm looking at buying an 84 Huntsman, how do I determine if this vehicle is subject to the axle issue, and if it is, how much will it cost me to address? why can't I just leave it alone, it's been that way for 33 years? thanks! I'm new
  3. Hello all, I am not an owner of a Toyota RV. Currently I have a camper I put on my 1983 3/4 ton long bed (5-speed). However I have been throwing the idea around of getting a Toyota MH instead. I commute to a different city (about 90 miles away from my home) once a week. I am at school for 3 days a week, and use to camper to sleep in while at school. There is currently a 1983 Toyota Huntsman for sale, with 67,000 miles for $2500. Its looks to be in decent shape. I have had an obsession with MH's since I was little. So I fear I may not be thinking rationally! It would be great to get some opinions, Should I stick with using the camper (fear of wearing the truck out) or invest in this MH that seems like a great deal (I'm not sure what kind of reputation the Huntsman has on here)? Thanks for your time and input!
  4. Hello Dear Reader, Thank you for stopping by! My Husband and I took this project on last year because we fell in love with the size of toyota motorhomes but we wanted to make better use of its space and modernize the interior. I would like to get the feed back of toyota motorhome enthusiasts to gauge the like or dislike of our work since we are thinking of selling it this year. We have put so much attention and time that now we are a little biased towards it. Your feedback will help me gauge on a list price. Thanks for looking and for the feedback! Dianna Dianna Please message me if your interested in more pictures since I can only upload so many.
  5. I was given an 83 Huntsman this spring. After looking at this board, I spent the summer finding and having a friend put in the needed axle - turning it from a 2-ton planter into something that can be driven. My friend has also done basic tuneup and maintenance checks. He is very kind. He has just now gotten the propane tank filled and will be bringing it back to me in a couple days to see if the appliances work. And - it is probable that we won't be able to get the bathroom and shower working. It might end up just being storage for me. I would have to make due with truck stops, etc. A woman friend has also sewn cushion covers. - I am in a ministry. People have been very kind. Okay. Next step. I have no money. I am a widow with no mechanical skills. My friend helps, but I don't want to ask more of him than absolutely necessary - and as you can see, he has already done very much. What I can do: I can paint? The outside is a mess. I was thinking I might like to paint the cabinet doors white, as well, to lighten it up. There is old paint in the basement of this house that I bought a few years ago. It is interior satin enamel. (I am paining over probably having to sell the house and live in the RV). I know it's generally not a good idea to use old paint.... but maybe there isn't enough anyway. I think I heard about a free place for paint in Fargo or Morehead a few years ago. At any rate. Any advice at all is appreciated. I am thinking I should learn how to do maintence on my own as well. My friend showed me where the things are to fill up the air bags. That looked easy. And he showed me where the rig should sit above the tires when it is filled properly. If I can pull this off and actually live in this planter - and maintain it myself - no one will ever be able to deny the reality of miracles again....
  6. I have been given a 1983 Toyota Huntsman. I brought it to the shop yesterday for new tires - and... they couldn't do it. They had never seen the funny dually rims before and said their machines wouldn't be able to handle them. So... I started researching those funny rims with 5 lug nuts, and - well, learned a lot. So here we sit. I have spent the day scouring online for a used 6-lug full-floating rear axle assembly. Has anyone seen any recent listings for the axle?
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