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My Toyota Motorhome


Found 4 results

  1. Very simple upgrade to the old-school, round thermostats that you find in most vintage RVs. Much easier to read/set accurate temps and takes less than 5 minutes to do the swap: 2 wires and 2 mounting screws. Emerson 1E78-140 (found mine for $18 on eBay w/shipping).
  2. My 1987 Sunraider is sitting in the driveway in the freezing snow etc. There is a sound coming from what appears to be the heater. It sounds like a pump. I have checked the water pump and this is not what is making the sound. Any ideas? I am worried that something might burn out. Thanks
  3. Furnace Replacement

    Hello fellow Toyota Motorhomers, I've been looking for a furnace to put in my '91 Dolphin and found an Atwood on Craigslist for $100. The owner can only tell me that it is a 1995, it works well, and came from a small camper. The model # is not listed on it, only a serial number. It looks like it's in great shape from photos. Mainly, I'm wondering if much has changed with the Atwood since 1995...pilot light vs electric, amp usage, etc? Or if there's anything else I should be concernaed about? My Dolphin came without a furnace so I have no experience with these little heaters. Any advice or input is appreciated. Thanks!
  4. So we purchased a New Horizion MH with nook in the back, Furnace is 12,000 BTUs. So The pilot didn't spark well, so I got a screwdriver and carefully rubbed the sparker point.. Now I have a great spark and pilot. Yes the pilot was plugged with some bugs nest, blew it out too. Soap found the pilot leak at the front of the burner. The main jet would never light. Finally I pulled the furnace out and hooked it up on my bench. Really can't do much with it installed in the MH. Used a battery charger and grounding the thermostat terminal would get it started, Used BBQ line to hook up propane for testing. Sail switch and safety was OK, I measured 9.25 VDC at the gas valve.. Still no main fire. Removed the door with the glass. Took off the nut holding down the main burner. Pulled out burner. Removed the 3 5/16 screws at the back side where the main tube goes from the gas valve to the main jet. Removed main jet. It was plugged. Blew it out. Since I had done this earlier I though it was cleared, but got plugged again. So this time I pulled the main line tube from the gas valve and blew it out. Used some pipe dope when installing the tube. Hooked it all back together and Poof the main jet lit!! I was very excited. I thought I would have to buy a new gas valve. Started and stopped like 20 times.. really. Well when the fan closes the sail switch closes it opens the gas valve.. Sometimes it would take like 45 seconds for the sequence of operation. So if your sparker doesn't light the pilot, remove the door and try a BBQ lighter. If the spark is TOTALLY in the gas, It wont light., But a flame will fire it off. If you have that problem slightly bend the spark rod..Bent needle nose pliers can do it too. You have to be careful.. I was able to take a paper clip taped to a long welding rod and slip it into the main jet, through the door opening with the main burner removed. You need your flashlight to see WAY BACK THERE, but it can be done. Yes have to hold down the button when lighting the pilot as long as ONE MINUTE.. use a watch... its a long time when your waiting...if it doesn't stay light when you release the knob, time to replace the thermocouple.. No fun here!! OK that's the short of it. Now to find a 30 lb Horizontal propane tank cheap......