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  1. Hey, all. I would like to replace my DuoTherm with an Electronic Ignition furnace. My DuoTherm measurements are 12"x12"x15.25", with a 4 inch reach to outside duct flange. Any idea of a brand that makes them that size? i have been looking, but coming up empty.
  2. Very simple upgrade to the old-school, round thermostats that you find in most vintage RVs. Much easier to read/set accurate temps and takes less than 5 minutes to do the swap: 2 wires and 2 mounting screws. Emerson 1E78-140 (found mine for $18 on eBay w/shipping).
  3. Hey! I am traying to start up my furnace in my 1983 Sunrader for the first time ( My first time its the original suburban furnace ) Ive checked all my propane lines for leaks and have two full propane tanks. What I have done to try to start the furnace is obviously open propane tank, put the thermostat up to a higher temperature and flipped the little off switch to on position. What happens is i get a hum from the furnace... thats it. I do not feel any blowing air, hot or cold coming through the vents. Is there a problem or am I not using it right? Does the furnace need to be manually lit? What am I doing wrong? Thanks!
  4. Furnace Replacement

    Hello fellow Toyota Motorhomers, I've been looking for a furnace to put in my '91 Dolphin and found an Atwood on Craigslist for $100. The owner can only tell me that it is a 1995, it works well, and came from a small camper. The model # is not listed on it, only a serial number. It looks like it's in great shape from photos. Mainly, I'm wondering if much has changed with the Atwood since 1995...pilot light vs electric, amp usage, etc? Or if there's anything else I should be concernaed about? My Dolphin came without a furnace so I have no experience with these little heaters. Any advice or input is appreciated. Thanks!
  5. The furnace in my 1986 Class C Dolphin stopped firing. The blower comes on when heat is called for, but the burner doesn't fire. I pulled the igniter and set the thermostat to call for heat, but I didn't see the igniter fire. Perhaps it doesn't work this way, but that is what I tried. When the furnace was working there was a ( less than 30 second) delay between the blower starting and the burner firing. Can anyone please give me some insight or a link to a troubleshooting/repair guide.? The information on a tag on this unit says: Terralab Engineering S/N 1215014 Gas Fired Heating Unit Thanks.
  6. OK, this is odd, at least to me. It's been cold so the furnace has been running at night. Two nights ago I woke up because it was getting chilly. The furnace fan was running but no heat. Obviously the sparker either wasn't firing, or the gas valve had gone bad. So, I got out my little Coleman catalytic heater, fired it up, and went back to sleep, figuring I would troubleshoot in the morning. When I got up I made some coffee and decided to start the furnace again to see if I could get an idea of what was happening. Fan started and a few seconds later, CLICK goes the sparker and the damn thing fires right up and starts putting out heat, like it never had a problem. I take the facia off, turn it on and off a few times, observe that the piezo-type sparker is working and that its getting LP, and wonder WTF? It's firing up like it never had a problem. Fast forward to last night. I turned on the furnace, went to sleep, and again, I wake up in the middle of the night because its chilly and the furnace is just blowing cold air. I get up, shut it off, turn it back on, and everything kicks on and I have heat. Again, WTF? Anybody have any idea? I first thought it would be a breaker to the piezo tripping, but I would have to reset it, unless it has an internal of some type, which I doubt. Only other thing I can figure is maybe a draft disrupts the lighting of the burner, maybe because it was windy outside? That doesn't make a whole lot of sense either though. It has to be the gas valve sticking or something, right? Anybody run across this before?