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Found 3 results

  1. Pardon my ignorance and thanks for any and all help. I have an '85 Sea Breeze and am wondering if I can run my outlets off of my coach battery? It works when plugged in to 110 but hoping there is a switch somewhere to allow the 12 volt to run the outlets. Also, my coach battery, while old, worked well then weakened and lost all power. I plugged my RV in (supposedly charges both engine and coach batteries) and left it for a few days (I have done this before and thought it was appropriate). Nada. I hooked it up to a battery charger and later realized it was almost completely dry and of course would not hold a charge. It seems by leaving it hooked up to 110 I may have boiled the water out of the battery. I read online that sometimes an RV's charger can take batteries to 13.4 volts which will do this to a battery. Is that bunk? Or should I not charge my coach (and engine) battery by plugging my rv into 110? Again, Thanks for any help. Bassnwhaler
  2. I am the proud but nearly defeated owner of a 1983 mini cruiser that was gifted to me by a dear friend. I live in it full time but it has a laundry list of issues and I can't even figure out where to start. Both tanks are cracked and leaking. The black tank ranks as hopeless. The water heater disintegrated. The cabover leaks like a sieve and is rotted through and through. The A/C drips water constantly when it runs. I don't even know if the (scary-looking) furnace or the stove work because we never got to pressure test the LP system. The repair guy who gave it a going over just shook his head and told me it would be best to wait until some of the other difficulties were tackled. Crazy as it seems, I love this thing even though I think it's trying to kill me. I have read through numerous posts here and am awed by your collective knowledge and mad repair skills. My budget says I can't pay someone to make magic happen and my pride says I can do it myself. But my voice of reason says I need help since I have no indoor work area and limited tools available. I have searched all kinds of places to find replacement tanks. There are none that match the dimensions on the original tanks. Is there a commonly used alternative? What size water heater do I need? I am inclined to think a Suburban or Atwood 6 gallon tank is appropriate but I have not had time to measure thoroughly. Do I need to replace the door to match the water heater brand or will the one that is there do the job? The electrical system is confounding to me in all kinds of ways. There are two sets of outlets - one black framed that only work with shore power, one set ivory framed that run from the battery. I set off the inverter (1800W, I believe but I'm not in front of it right now) immediately if I plug anything in that isn't a laptop charger, more or less. It's really frustrating. I have one coach battery that I replaced when I got the Eaglet last year. The one that was in it was cooking right under where I was sleeping. That was fun, too ;-) Where would you start with everything that needs to be done?
  3. 1985 Escaper w/Flr plan 2101....There is a switch located just inside the entrance mounted on the side of cabinet and lights up when acitvated . Cant fiqure out what it connected to. help