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My Toyota Motorhome


Found 5 results

  1. Hey Sunrader Nerds! My 1985 Nissan Sunrader has a defunct emergency brake so I've been using tire blocks when I park it. I'm dropping it off at the car doctor this week and was hoping to locate a cable for the e-brake so I can have them fix it (I don't trust myself with this task at this point in my tinkering career). They mechanic was concerned that he wouldn't have the part. Does anyone know if it requires the same length cable as a Nissan 720 pickup or is it a longer cable? Bonus points if you include a link to purchase the part Thanks everyone!
  2. Hi, my fiancé and I are fixing up a 1983 Toyota Dolphin that has water damage in a section of the ceiling. Re-sealing the outside is easy, but we don’t know where to start when it comes to tearing down the damaged ceiling and replacing it. Can anybody give me some instructions on how to do it ourselves?
  3. Hello. I have a 1984 Toyota Sunrader 18' - rear dinette. I don't have any desire to use the shower/bathroom and was considering removing it for extra space or turning it into storage. Wondering if anyone has done something similar or if anyone had any advice. Thanks, Tyler
  4. I posted before about the original remodel my girlfriend and I did on our 1985 Toyota Dolphin. However, a car accident in Tepic, MX left the old girl in sad sorry shape. But we were not willing to give up on her! She's almost back together now. Lots of creativity wen't into getting this thing reassembled. Lot's of pictures and a write up here. http://www.followthewind.net/blog/2014/3/21/bcigm2cerr9m6kx14bm9b39ffvupfa
  5. My girlfriend and I moved into our 1985 Toyota Dolphin with the goal of driving to Chile from California. We spent months redoing the interior to turn it into our own home. Then Murphy's Law kicked in. A month and a half after crossing the border major car accident in Mexico. Well, we're rebuilding the old girl. Maybe I should say re-remodeling. This is the link to the total remodel plus pictures/story of the damage. Rebuild still in process! https://jacqui-belleau.squarespace.com/the-dolphin/