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My Toyota Motorhome


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  1. I've just ordered the parts for testing, and, if all goes well, I'm going to setup something similar to this video for a rearview camera solution. The video transmitter has gotten some mixed reviews, but I'll just return everything if I'm not confident that it'll be fairly reliable. For a monitor, I picked up a crazy-cheap Kindle Fire HD 7, which will replace the existing (useless) rearview mirror and be mounted to the top-center of the windshield. I'm planning on centering the camera up above the the rear bath window, which will allow me to easily hide the little transmitter gizmo inside the over-sink cabinet, as well as tie power for both into the nearby clearance lights circuit. The idea, of course, is to have the camera and transmitter powered up whenever my lights are on, and I plan on always having the tablet active and receiving video, when traveling. (Kindle will be mounted with one of these but will also serve as a reader while camping, since I do love my books.) To be continued...
  2. My Work Setup

    Thought it would be prudent to share my work/communications/entertainment setup for others who may find it useful information. Computing: I use a dual-core Lenovo Thinkpad x120e E-350 (which have surprisingly held their on-line price near what I paid over a year ago - $460). I chose this laptop primarily because I have used Thinkpads for years in a Corp. setting and am now addicted to their Trac-point (red nub mousing device) and extremely durable/comfortable keyboard. This thing has run 8-10hours a day for 400+ days without issue. It also has the secondary benefit of being quasi-capable of decent gaming (Modern Warfare 3 was toward the limit) and video playback (1080p on my 46" LCD at home), while still managing appx. 5hrs of runtime on the battery. It is a little more power hungry than a comparative Intel powered device @ 65w & 3.25VDC. I have recently purchased a DC charger from Ebay ($15) so there's no need for INversion, etc. to charge in the Sunrader. I run Windows 7 (after a brief and regretful affair with Windows 8) on a 320gb 7200rpm HDD. On the software side I mostly utilize Web-based stuff for work, but have run Photoshop CS6 on it a couple times without issue. It is "Netbook" sized, so that may be an issue for some. Cell/Wifi/Data: I use a Samsung Galaxy Note LTE for my primary communications device (though the Galaxy Note 2 is now available, with a 3rd on the way). I have StraightTalk's $50/month unlimited plan (using AT&T's towers for better or worse) and can tether to my Laptop via WiFi using an app called Fox-Fi. This enables me to have internet wherever a data signal is available (most places now, either 3g or 4g) and conduct business as usual. I can also use the included stylus (yes think Palm era) on the GIGANTIC 5.5" screen to annotate PDFs for e-faxing to clients, etc (eliminating the need for a printer/fax for my situation). The large screen is also very nice when using it as a GPS device with Google Navigation. I also have an extended (5000mah) battery which will run the thing for 48hrs straight or 24hrs full-tilt (all radios engaged and tethered to laptop). I cannot say enough good about this setup. And am a full-fledged Android convert after years of iOS. Misc: My wife uses my old first gen iPad as a surfing/movie/book/occasional gaming device. All seems to work nicely together, and keeps us connected/entertained when neccessary. Hope this is of some help to others looking at mobile setups. -Patrick