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Found 4 results

  1. Coleman AC Won't Work

    I spent today going over all the various appliances in my rig (1992 Itasca Spirit). I've only had this baby for a few days, and in between taking care of my grandkids while their parents are away, I managed to get the furnace, fridge and hot water all running. I then changed the oil in the built in Kohler gennie, started outfitting the rig with gear and decided where to install the 19 inch flat screen TV I bought 2nd hand. After I'd changed the oil in the gennie, I thought I'd let it run for a bit while I tested out the AC and microwave. Microwave works great. AC not so much. I have no clue where to even begin trying to troubleshoot it. Fuse? Is there one? Missing a step in starting it? Can't see any more buttons or switches. The manual wasn't very helpful. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. Hello everyone! I just bought a little 20 footer itasca sundancer from 87, such a cute little thing! Now, I want to install an air conditioner in it, but I need some advice... I got a used dometic low profile penguin, but it looks huge! Im worried about two things: is an extra 100lb going to slow down the little 4 cylinder motor down to a crawl? We want to be able to do some driving with it, and living in Colorado one will always have mountain passes to get through... The second thing I worry about is the roof: will it hold up the weight of this monster ac and not sag? Do you guys have any experience with that? Thanks!
  3. I'm bringing the 1986 Nissan V6 Sunrader that's at my brother's place in New York out to California in September. It has a very nice, functional air conditioner in the cabin. It's a Coleman of the Mach series, but I'm not sure which. Hopefully the pictures will help you identify it. (I believe it's original equipment.) Even tho it worked great last month when I spent a night in the RV, I've decided that I don't want the air conditioner when it's in California, bc I mostly plan to boondock, and I don't want the extra height, weight and wind resistance. Out west where it's dry when it's hot, swamp coolers are an energy efficient solution that can run off the house battery. I've even made my own, and bought a portable one that can be powered by USB. So I've got a proposal for y'all, since many of you have been very helpful to me: you can have the AC unit if you'll come to my brother's place, remove it from the RV and replace it with a roof vent (probably the one you've already got in your RV where the AC will go). First dibs to folks who've helped answer my questions here over the last year. Otherwise, first come first served. Cheers, Lenny
  4. Roof Top Ac Unit

    When I got the 1990 Itasca 321RB, it had the old roof top AC. That winter it leaked, so I removed it and installed a powered roof vent with fan instead. Years gone by, I feel like having the AC again. Here are my concerns: the Coleman Mach 1 PS (power saver) 11k BTU fits the bill as my Honda eu2000i can run it reliably (total cost ~800). Issue is the roof sagged a little bit after bearing the old AC on top of it for over 20 years. I could raise the lips of the roof around the 14"x14" opening so water won't get in but water will be standing around the AC when it rains. Any idea how to mitigate this?