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My Toyota Motorhome


Found 7 results

  1. Hi, longtime lurker, first time poster. I just bought a very clean 92 Horizon-ST, 65k miles, solid but with a few cosmetic needs. Unfortunately no manuals and I have found very little info about these models. I am a long time Rv-er, just finished a 9 month tour towing a trailer. I would like to know about the components and any issues. I am sure I will figure it out by reverse engineering and poking around but if anyone has this model i would appreciate an assist. In the short term I will need to reline the shower as the "vinyl" is de-laminating and some personal tweaking. Longer term will be solar, external storage, and a complete window and roof reseal. Really looking forward to camping in this little beast and being part of the community! Clay
  2. Hello! New to the forum and new to owning a Toyota RV... about five days new to be exact. I recently got a remote job that allows me to travel anywhere I can get internet (or even just a phone signal), so naturally my wife and I have been plotting to rent the house and hit the road. This past weekend we took a big step and pulled the trigger on a 1992 Toyota Coaster. It's a right hand drive, Japanese import with a 1H-DT, straight six diesel engine. I'm no mechanic and I'm a little concerned about finding parts down the road... but the bus is in amazing shape, with zero trace of rust (or wear anywhere really) with impressively low miles. I drove it home across Washington State and was super impressed. Anyways, I'd love to gain some knowledgable perspectives, tips for maintenance, things to watch out for... etc. etc. Cheers, Matt (and Missy)
  3. Year & Model: . 1992 Toyota Winnebago Itasca Spirit 320RB I want to replace the foam-rubber seal / weatherstrip / moulding that runs around the inside edge of the passenger-side coach entry door. Looks like I'll need about 20 lineal feet of seal. a) . Do I need to use the Winnebago OEM replacement part? . If so, from where do I order it, and how much will it cost? b} . Or, can I use an inexpensive, good-quality, functional equivalent from eBay, Amazon, Home Depot, Lowes, RV Parts Country, Camping World, Autozone, O'Reilly, Napa, or other supplier? c) . Please make suggestions and provide links if you have them. In cross section view, the existing seal resembles a very broad and open "V" shape, with about 120 degrees between the two "wings" or "sides" of the "V". 1) . One wing of the "V" is flat and adheres to the door. . I call this the flat wing. . It measures about 3/32" Thick (in cross section) x 7/16" Wide (in cross section) 2) . The other wing of the "V" is curved [curved concave towards the middle of the "V"] and gets thinner toward the tip of the "wing". . I call this the curved wing. . This curved wing measures roughly 3/32" Thick x 3/8" Wide. . [The convex side of the curved wing is the surface that presses against against the door frame when the door is closed, thus sealing the gap between the door frame and the door.] See attached photo: . In the photo, the seal is standing on the flat wing (adhesive side down), and the curved wing is projecting upwards and to the right. [Note to Website Staff: . As I was creating this post, a spontaneous emoticon kept appearing in place of the characters "b)" . I was finally able to suppress the spontaneous appearance of the emoticon by replacing the text "b) . " with the text "b} . "]
  4. My Itasca Spirit has a rack on the back and I would like to use it to carry folding chairs, toolbox, sun canopy...What do others use to keep things safe and dry on the racks some have on the back of the RVs? Something lockable and bolt-on-able would be ideal, but also watertight. Thanks! Sue
  5. I spent today going over all the various appliances in my rig (1992 Itasca Spirit). I've only had this baby for a few days, and in between taking care of my grandkids while their parents are away, I managed to get the furnace, fridge and hot water all running. I then changed the oil in the built in Kohler gennie, started outfitting the rig with gear and decided where to install the 19 inch flat screen TV I bought 2nd hand. After I'd changed the oil in the gennie, I thought I'd let it run for a bit while I tested out the AC and microwave. Microwave works great. AC not so much. I have no clue where to even begin trying to troubleshoot it. Fuse? Is there one? Missing a step in starting it? Can't see any more buttons or switches. The manual wasn't very helpful. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  6. Our 1992 Warrior was in the shop for couple weeks since we brought it. We changed all the fluid and new steering damper. I feel it handle differently now. I find myself need to continue making adjustment to the steering wheel while turn to the right (or left) alone the road. It seems I just could not find the right way to follow the road. Even on the straight line I found myself need to adjust steering wheel more than I wanted. The Warrior just done some Steering Box adjustment and alignment too. I did push the speed a little bit to test the handling and performance since all the maintenance already done. But the driving experience are much different than before. At lower speed (street) it feel not too much different. Once I got on the freeway I sense the different and force me to slow down. But I was not go over 60mph. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  7. I am fully aware the GVWR is 6000 lb for my 1992 Winnebago Warrior. Just could not find the time to weigh my rig but want to get some idea how much room I have once get full tank of gas and fill up the propane. Would love to know some dry weight numbers if you have yours. Thanks in advance.
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