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  1. Thanks for your replies. I talked with another sales rep today who told me that the 4wd has a different throttle linkage than the 2wd so thought I needed the 2wd K8748. He said that the picture was wrong and that they all had the same ,correct for my truck, air cleaner adapter. What concerns me is that the Air Resources Board Executive Order states that the K8748 is for the Corolla and and the K8749 is for the 2wd and 4wd truck. From what I understand, that has to match or it will/can fail the visual check. Or, perhaps the smog techs don't get into that detail? So, I'm still hoping someone who has done this in CA can verify which kit I'll need Linda - from what I read, those who installed the Weber loved them and were able to deal with the adjustment issues. Some talked about rejetting and others, timing, float bowl and mixture adjustments. One question I have, if the carb is rejetted for a, say, higher elevation, does that mean that when driving in the lower elevation, it doesn't run right? Do you then have to readjust the mixture between elevations? Nick
  2. I just bought a 1983 Sunrader that is idling rough and spitting soot out the exhaust. I'd like to upgrade it to a Weber but I'm in California and having difficulty figuring out which kit I need. There is a K8748 that specifies it's for 2wd and a K8749 that specifies 4wd. One would think I would need the 2wd K8748 but the picture on the redlineweber.com distributer's site shows the air adapter as being round like what you'd use with the 20R engine. The 4wd K8749 shows the correct shaped air adapter. Also, I looked up the CA Executive Order allowing the Weber exemption and it states that it is correct for both 2 and 4wd. However, I called redlineweber.com and the rep insisted that I needed the K8748 since it was for the 2wd. Does anyone know what the difference between the two kits is and which kit I need to order? Thanks, Nick