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    Choice of 87 or 89.

    Greetings. I have an opportunity to buy one of two Dolphins. 1. An 87' 4 cyl. with 67.000 miles on it and a "small leak" (Heard that one before) around the roof AC. Asking price $2100.00. Says that's firm. I have built and restored RV's as a money making hobby but am not in condition health wise to take on another project. 2. An 89' V6 in very good condition that has new air bags and engine and other work done (That it didn't really need but the owner is very picky). Asking price $10.000.00 but is willing to accept an offer. I think $4k or $5k would be my high offer but I want a V6. Would I be making a reasonable offer? I really want the V6 but may have to settle for the 4 cylinder if the V6 price doesn't come down a bunch. I'd like to hear how the 4 cylinder (R22?) performs. Will it run at 65 - 70 mph? Will it pull the Dolphin uphill reasonably well? I'm not experienced with it but the idea of a 4 cylinder pulling that much weight kinda concerns me. Thank yo for any information.