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  1. My wife and I had been making plans for several years to travel the US and see the sites. We kept waiting for the perfect time and it seemed like something was always coming up to de-rail our plans. Unfortunately that time never came because I lost my wife of 32 years in a tragic accident on 5 July 2016 Ive been completely lost in grief for over a year without my wife and after a lot of soul searching and sitting around feeling sorry for myself Ive decided to act on those plans we made together, so long ago in happier times and start traveling, because I think she would have wanted me to go. To see the sites on her list, as she would have seen them. So Ive started looking for another Dolphin, basically starting over. Going to take my time and do things right, but when I am ready I will go. So Please dont keep putting off that trip, waiting until everything is perfect. Just go because life is fleeting and you may not have her/him at your side tomorrow. Thanks, David