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    Learning about this motorhome, it needs some work, I just purchased it in November 2017, so just getting it cleaned up after an Alaskan winter. I replaced the batteries, some lights, all new roof vents with Fantastic vents. new flooring going in, new tires shocks, looking for rear bumper ideas. Anxious to get it out in a couple weeks.

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  1. Darrell Krolick


    I can't believe there isn't anyone out there that needed to replace their awning?
  2. Darrell Krolick

    1984 Dolphin.JPG

  3. Darrell Krolick


    I have a Toyota Dolphin, about a 1984, it has a 10ft box style Apollo Norseman that needs to be replaced. It is basically just the box. Any ideas? I don't want to spend 1200 dollars for a Carefree Freedom(the closest replacement I have found) and the awning extends over the overhang in front so an arm type doesn't work.
  4. Darrell Krolick

    Dolphin Coach Battery Hookup

    Also do I have to have the coach battery hooked up to run it on AC? I have no manual with this unit.
  5. Darrell Krolick

    Dolphin Coach Battery Hookup

    Dophin, I bought a 1984 Dolphin, the coach battery is under the hood. I had a non RV battery which I replaced. It has 3 wires, one is a ground, do the other 2 go to the positive post?