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  1. With that technique would I just screw thru the existing screw holes? What do you think about trying to put bolts thru the existing screw holes at an angle and hoping they hold?
  2. It’s for sure rotted, I just don’t care to replace anything right now. I came across the other post with the strap and glue technique and thought maybe glue would hold it up.
  3. Would the 1985 escaper use these same parts? What about the front suspension?
  4. cab over is sagging on one side. WME made a suggestion on a different post about the fiber glass siding (see link below). Would the same technique work to hold the cab over sag? http://toyotamotorhome.org/forums/index.php?/topic/11397-siding-separation/
  5. Do you think this method would work for the cabover sagging on one side?
  6. Upon further inspection I found these near the water heater.
  7. They are under the sink cabinets in between the hot water heater and shower room. The sink water lines are coming from the top into those lines you are seeing. The pictures I just posted are in order. After the part that is broken the lines go into the wall of the shower room. I will have to take a look on the outside and take more pics.
  8. How do I remove the broken piece? I can turn it by hand 1/4. Are these some sorta drain valve? I need to get my water running please Help!
  9. Need to fix water lines. Should I replace all or the section that is broke?
  10. Ha never mind, arrived today. Fits its just not the original style. I will order more. Thanks Linda!
  11. Something I ordered this month was delivered, I ordered the light cover last month. How long should I wait?
  12. I ordered one from the ebay link Linda posted, but its taking a long time. I think they were lost in the mail and seller did not get tracking. 5Toyota what is name of your local rv parts place?
  13. I need to buy air conditioner, was leaning toward Coleman Mach brand. Any input is appreciated.
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