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  1. I want to clean the leaves 🍁 out, any help is appreciated.
  2. hamkid

    Condensation on ceiling

    Yes that part of the rig does have some crunchy wood. I’m not gonna fix anything right now. I have a memory foam mattress any suggestions how to protect it. Trash bags?
  3. hamkid

    Condensation on ceiling

    Also WME can you explain what you mean when you stated this. “You should check under the cap over mattress. There is a problem there too”.
  4. hamkid

    Condensation on ceiling

    Totally awesome! Everyone on this site is top notch! Derek and WME you are both the MAN, you guys never stop dropping knowledge on me! WME what does your name stand for? ???
  5. hamkid

    Condensation on ceiling

    1985 Toyota Escaper
  6. It has been raining ? lately in my area and have noticed condensation on the ceiling. There are no leaks I have found but, I do not want it to get to the point that leaks might occur. The weird thing is that the condensation does not happen in the cupboards only on the exposed ceiling in certain places. Any suggestions or input as to what I should do is appreciated.
  7. Where can I find new curtains for this type of rack?
  8. What type of wood should I use for replacing the step?
  9. Thanks for the input, will do. In the mean time I am trying to find the bases for the table stands and seats, I found the bases for the legs but not for the seats. Any suggestions where to find them or what to type on google to shop? I only want the bases right now, I’m not sure how I want to configure the interior yet. https://www.walmart.com/ip/AP-Products-013-1112-Chrome-Round-Recessed-Mount-Table-Base/126647382
  10. This is my 1985 escaper I purchased in November. This weekend I removed the carpet and started to clean it. After I removed the carpet I noticed holes in the floor where I believe the table used to be. I also found that the floor in the door way right when you walk in was rotting. I am a total rookie and was looking for suggestions. Any input is appreciated.