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  1. Dogs chewed on this tube. Any ideas what is goes to?
  2. Top notch mate. Thanks for the tip.
  3. So both sides each have a yellow and green wire, but one side has a white wire and the other has a black wire. When I crimped the new spade connector on I did not use the correct crimp tool. I ordered the one I need and will see what happens once I have a better crimp.
  4. Tightened stopped squealing. Thanks. The headlights not working rite on passenger side. Much more dim than driver side and no high beam. Any ideas?
  5. Ok will do. There is a squeal coming from the engine when I accelerate. How can I be sure my belts have the correct tension?
  6. Ok. Everything is working. Except now the coach lights don’t work. I haven’t check anything else in the coach but the lights were working before all this. Any idea what I should check?
  7. Anyone know if these are still available to buy? I only need one. How the heck do you open it? 😆 I did it once, but forgot somehow.
  8. One of the head light spade connectors needs to be replaced from corrosion. Any idea where I can find the same one or should I just buy an aftermarket?
  9. When checking the wiring found this at the wiper fluid reservoir. Would this have an impact on the circuit?
  10. Pretty sure that was the problem. Charge light on dash turned off. Charge circuit fuse shows power. Battery charges. When the lights and cab heater are on it does not charge as well. Should I clean the splice or consider making a new one?
  11. I wouldn’t quite say insane yet, just one step closer! 🤪🤬
  12. Found it! For some reason I decided to move the battery cable and alternator wire to the same post on the isolator. When I did that it started to charge the battery a little more than before. Then I tracked down the splice. After I fully removed the tape from the splice it starting charging 14 volts at the battery. What’s next?
  13. Also tail light fuse did not light up on fuse panel inside.
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