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  1. How can I tell what it’s made of?
  2. This is my roof, what should I coat it with?
  3. I want to clean the leaves 🍁 out, any help is appreciated.
  4. That’s my V.I.N, but they told me the company that did the rv conversion might have added different parts than the ones shown. Should I go with these or a more heavy duty leaf spring package?
  5. I have done mechanical work before, just not on a vehicle this size. I have replaced shocks and brakes on my Toyota Corolla and even rebuilt an engine on an old Acura integra. How do I identify what type of leaf springs I need?
  6. Would you recommend I attempt these repairs myself, or have a mechanic work on it? Installing the leaf springs seems simple enough, it’s the air bag system that I’m not so sure about. Any web site or documentation would be appreciated.
  7. Yes, it is sitting very low. It is difficult to get under it even though I am not a very large person. I will take a look at the springs and try to identify the air bags. Will give updates, thanks ?.
  8. Should I consider replacing air bag suspension myself or have a mechanic work on it? How do I know which air bags system to buy?
  9. I finally found brake light lenses on eBay. Everything is working. Thanks again!
  10. Yes that part of the rig does have some crunchy wood. I’m not gonna fix anything right now. I have a memory foam mattress any suggestions how to protect it. Trash bags?
  11. Also WME can you explain what you mean when you stated this. “You should check under the cap over mattress. There is a problem there too”.
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