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  1. Thanks for the reply Derek! Not sure but definitely says not to exceed 200psi in a small sticker right at the schrader valve. would 2-5000lb of lift actually lift up the rear end a significant amount? I wonder if some other part of the rear suspension is worn out, like the leaf springs. Either way, hoping I can get a little more clearance...
  2. Hi I have a '91 toyota Winnie Warrior V6. Just got it and the mileage is much worse than I'd hoped, seems to be around 10-11mpg. Any idea what I can check in terms of engine/tires to increase efficiency?
  3. Greetings! I recently purchased a '91 Warrior and am coming to realize by comparison with other Toyota RVs I see (dolphin, sunrader, etc) that the rear end is very low to the ground. I've scraped it a few times on driveways and gas stations. Looking to raise the rear end. It currently appears to have an air shock mounted. I pumped it up to 150psi (suggested range was 80-200), didn't lift up the rear end much. Any ideas if I can get a lift kit or something to increase rear clearance?