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  1. Hey all. May be a dumb question. Does anyone know what model water heater this is? It’s so old I can’t see the serial number anymore! Also, I’ve taken the anode out which was converted to electric and I have re ran the gas lines as the previous owner capped them. Can anyone link me to the best anode to fit this model?
  2. Hey guys. So I have my 1986 Escaper here and the previous owner has seemed to have bypassed the gas and converted into electric. But i cant seem to get it to work. I would like to go back to propane but want any knowledge of converting these to electric. The electric heater has to be plugged into AC and the button to turn it on is under the sink. My questions are, Can i turn this back into a gas heater? Or should i just go ahead and get a new water heater all around.
  3. Blake O

    What's your rig and where's it at?

    got a 1986 Toyota Escaper. 4 cyl 22re rides like a top. Not fast, but strong.
  4. Blake O

    Propane system problems

    lol. that was easy.. she is rocking and rolling all. literally perfect timing cause tonight its getting below zero and gonna be nice.
  5. Blake O

    Propane system problems

    Alright just an update here. Got the tank filled and all lines work. Stove is a steady blue flame with little flicker. However the furnace is blowing cold so gonna dive into the hydro flame Manual tomorrow... we're on our way though!
  6. Blake O

    Propane system problems

    I plan on attacking the propane tank tomorrow. Had no issues installing the lines, fairly simple. She is all back together and the water heater line is capped the correct way. Once I get this tank cleaned up we will hope for the best. Thanks all for the advice!
  7. Blake O

    Propane system problems

    Thanks all for the responses. helping me VERY much. So i have taken the copper lines out to the the T. I have been watching many videos on flaring and think im going to tackle myself. im going to run one line and cap the other as i use an electric water heater atm. Just for peace of mind, here are some more photos of my tank. Really scared of propane so just want some more peace of mind! Thanks all! Toye On!
  8. Blake O

    Propane system problems

    Yeah im not sure.. Pointing fingers at previous owner.. Im not sure my first step to cleaning this up. Definitely something im going to let a professional handle. I think for the time being i am just going to use an external propane tank and run a quick connect when needed.
  9. Blake O

    Propane system problems

    Hey All, Just got my 1986 Toyota Escaper about two weeks ago. My first camper ever. I got a decent deal but it is definitely a project and i didnt realize how big of one until i bought it and started unscrewing stuff.. the previous owner has turned the hot water heater to electric and pretty much cut all the gas as he did not use it.. I hear the furnace turn on when im plugged to shore power i am pretty sure. This is my first rodeo so please bare with me. My question here is, Is this propane tank too rusted to use 1. How difficult is it to re run these copper wires or is there a preferred material given the time difference? If the tank is not capable of being used, can i bypass it for the meantime?
  10. Blake O

    Need advice for buying a Toyota RV.

    Thanks for the response Mark. I'm actually really excited to tear this toye apart and make her real pretty again. We came to a deal of 5,500 given the floor doesn't fall in when I step inside... Picking up tomorrow! Will post pics as I move along this journey. Looking to be full time on the road by 1/1! Fingers crossed..
  11. Blake O

    Need advice for buying a Toyota RV.

    Hey all, names Blake. new buyer here.. looking to go full time in the new year in my new toy. So far this forum has been awesome. So shout out to all of you educated folk.. Very interested in this 91 Toye V6 3.0 with 88k miles. No generator, Bath in the back. Seems there has been some water damage along the seal of the over cab, seems pretty normal for these. I haven't seen in person, but from what I'm being told the floor and roof is in excellent shape. I also know these don't really show bubbles so I want to be safe when looking over. Open to all pointers. I am going to check on the gasket recall in the AM. He sent me a video of it turning over and seemed incredibly strong. AC front and rear works, everything works. Asking $7k. Also any guesstimate on the cost of resealing the cab?, and gutting etc. just want to see my options here. Thoughts? Pointers? Blessings? Thanks all!! IMG_5001.MOV