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  1. I'm able to put 16 inch tires underneath the Toyota now. Going with a 245-75/16 E range 2960lbs per tire,should work great. Shortening and balancing driveshaft with new u-joint. It all seems to be coming together..
  2. Howdy, has anyone swapped a Ford 9 inch single wheel axle into a Toyota Motorhome. The one thing I'm worried about is a rear tire blow-out. I'm bumping up to a 15 inch rim so I can get into an E range tire, I would have went with a 16 inch, but I do not have enough tire clearance..
  3. 81minicruiser

    Fuel gauge no workie, '81 Mini-Cruiser

    Thanks for all of the info group. I'll be driving home from Michigan over the weekend. I asked the shop that is installing a new rear axle to take a peek at the gauge while he has the axle out. I hope it's a simple fix. I'll let you know how it turns out. I may get caught in some snow in Northern Michigan to Cleveland. We'll see how she handles..
  4. 81minicruiser

    Fuel gauge no workie, '81 Mini-Cruiser

    Just wondering if anyone has experienced this and if so, what they may have found. 1st time poster to this forum.. Thanks in advance for any info. -Todd