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  1. Portable generator question

    Also MNman for the Honda your looking at for 850.00$ make sure it’s not refurbished. Honda controls their prices fairly close at 1000.00 for new
  2. Portable generator question

    I know your Mnman. stupid spell check
  3. Portable generator question

    McMan I’m a drywall contractor in Mpls and own 7 of the Honda 2000’s. During our recent Indian summer stint I used my oldest of the seven and that had no problem running my 11,000 Coleman on my 89 dolphin. I bought a Honda 3000 for it but don’t see the need for it now. Plus 2000 is half the weight. Enjoy your Toyhome. Hambone
  4. Cracked bath sink

    I think your right Linda. I should have walked away when I saw his wooden teeth. Why would I think he can take care of a rv when he can’t take care of his choppers Well I’m up for the challenge anyway since I haven’t had enough ice on the lakes to fish till at least January
  5. Hello all, as some of you know I bought my 89 Dolphin 900 about a month ago. I drove it from middle Wisconsin to cabin/ indoor storage by Alexandria Minnesota. about a 400 mile trip. Every weekend I’ve been going up and spending time getting to know it. I’ve posted few questions to this forum (tranny dipstick removal/replace, cracked shower). Now I discover plastic bathroom sink has 3 hairline cracks. Also previous owner used shower for storage and had duck tape over drain. Since I’m trying to fix the shower I pulled the drain tape and dumped water in it. Now I’m getting sewer gas inside. I’ve put water in all the p-traps but still stinks. Any thoughts would be appreciated. thanks Hambone
  6. Previously I posted two pics of the engine. The dipsticks aren’t close
  7. Both great ideas. I will do both. My plumber nephew told me to spray foam under the cracked area. Think I’ll do that too
  8. Well looks like I ask my wife for help. The only way I got my hands down there was pulling whole air box. For. Stupid
  9. I’m not the only one that struggles with tranny dipstick then. I can’t even fit my hands down there
  10. Fiberglass Great idea on the duck board I'll fashion one up Thank you
  11. Ideas what to use. Obviously standing in it it will keep cracking open
  12. https://photos.app.goo.gl/zSl9y5Xsysnhbscx1. I can’t get my hands in small area to replace tranny dipstick on my 89 v-6 Dolphin. Any suggestions?
  13. Hello all, just bought a 89 Dolphin v-6. Previous owner used shower for storage. Now I know why, it has a cracked base 9” long. Thoughts on finding a replacement? Thanks Hambone