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  1. Thanks for the info. I'm going to have some time to work with it this weekend. I did not see a gauge. Will check. Not particularly smelly. Valve is all the way open. I will look at the bleeder valve too. I'm suspecting that may be it because the attendant didin't do anything except hook up the fill hose, turn the pump on and shut it down after registering 1.2 gal. If you never hear from me again, i probably blew myself up. Look for a Sunrader in orbit with that Tesla guy. Thanks JJ
  2. I wanted to finish up this thread with some better detail so it might help other users. Key Lesson! What looks like a little thing is a little more complicated. I got the cable through my local Toyota dealer who price matched the one referenced in this forum. And thanks to the forum input, it was the correct part. $144. I searched for a reputable transmission shop. With some referrals from friends I found one with a lift to handle it. He is a classic car restoration mechanic. In his shop were a 60's Chevy Powerglide and a 1948 DeSoto Suburban Fluid Drive. He wasn't the typical franchise shop in the strip mall. Cable was installed, he drove the RV before and after. Made adjustments on the cable.CHanged fluid, filter and seal. Gave me a thumbs up on the transmission. Labor and materials $317. All in all, not bad for about $450. And I know I have a good drive train.
  3. Hi. 1986 Sunrader.. There is little or no propane pressure. Any suggestions where to start trouble shooting? Permanent propane tank. It acts like it is out of propane. Not getting good flow or pressure. Got tank refilled, only took 1.3 gallon. Is there a relief valve that must be opened during filling? I don't think the person opened any valve other than the main fill connection. Is it possible they really didn't fill it? Testing. Ran the refrigerator on propane. All OK. But I know it doesn't use as much gas as other appliances. Stove will light but not strong flame. Can't light all 4 burners at once. If I turn them all on and don't light, I don't get any strong propane odor. haven't tried to light oven yet. Water heater. I can get the pilot lit but it won't stay lit after I release the hold down button. and heater won't ignite. Been told to replace thermocouple but thinking it may be related to this low pressure problem. Haven't tried the furnace yet. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  4. Thanks. I can't find any new ones on line so I will try to rebuild it.
  5. First, thanks to all who helped me with my TV cable question. Got the part from Toyota, had a transmission shop replace and service the trans. Runs like a new one now. I found that my entry door is rotted at least at the bottom, perhaps farther up. Options are to rebuild it or find a replacement. Has anyone done a rebuild? I've looked on line for replacement doors, but can't find my size. Most RV doors seem to be 24 inch wide. My door is 21 inches wide and 63 inches high. Radius corners at top. Thanks in advance for any help. JJ
  6. Hi again. Would you mind giving me some more detail as to how this cable connects at the transmission? You said to drop the pan so I assume it connects inside the transmission, not on the outside. I've been asking some transmission repair shops about installation, but wondering if it is something I can attempt to do myself. Been looking at on line pictures but not seeing enough detail. I'm having some trouble finding a shop that can get it on a lift (and also a transmission shop that will just install the cable without trying to sell me a rebuild). So may attempt it myself, but don't want to get into something I can't really do. One mechanic I talked to said he would catch the fluid and reuse it because old transmissions don't like new fluid. I'd rather change out the fluid, filter and anything else for a transmission service. Comments? Appreciate your help. Thanks. JJ
  7. Thank you both for the information. I will get a new cable and have it installed. I appreciate all the knowledge and help. Thanks
  8. Hello All, This seems like a great forum with a lot of helpful folks. Just purchased a 1986 Sunrader, 22RE 4Cyl automatic. Still going over it, checking things out, sorting priorities. First item on my list is replacing the broken cable which links the throttle to the transmission so it will downshift automatically. I went to the local Toyota dealer. they came up with part # 88648-89116, but then said it was not available anymore. Any advice on finding this part and it's installation will be appreciated. It also currently up-shifts too quickly, at roughly 2500 rpm. I don't think that is related to the cable, but any thoughts on adjustment or fix for up-shifting are welcome too. Thanks JJ
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