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  1. Furnace Blower Replacement

    Also, how do you clean connections? BTW, you guys are awesome! Thank you.
  2. Furnace Blower Replacement

    When the fan was blowing it was making squealing like noises for about 30 seconds and then was very smooth and quiet for the other 5 mins. Does that still sound like the motor bearings?
  3. Furnace Blower Replacement

    Got the photo thing figured out.
  4. Furnace Blower Replacement

    So, I started thinking that maybe the auxiliary battery didn't have enough juice in it to run the motor. I started the car engine and the fan started. Not sure why it started because everything is still wired the same way and it never turned on before. So since it was running I turned on the propane and began the checklist for starting the furnace. As I was waiting the 5 minutes with the thermostat on high the motor started slowing down and within 3 minutes stopped. I am so confused...
  5. Furnace Blower Replacement

    Ok, for some reason it won't let me upload pictures. Frustrating. It is a hydroflame HF 8012. Model suffix P, 12000 btu, 59 DMS, 12 volt, 1.6 amps, 19.2 amps
  6. Furnace Blower Replacement

    Interesting.... Ok, is it possible I am just feeling heat from the pilot light? I can't imagine that would be the case. Not sure of the make /model, I will post when I get home. So just to be sure I understand... If all was working correctly, when I go to light the furnace, after holding the pilot light knob down for 30 seconds and then turning the knob to "on" the fan should kick on automatically no matter where the thermostat is set at?
  7. Furnace Blower Replacement

    Ok dolphin lovers, I need some help with my heater. The furnace lights and heats up no problem, but the blower doesn't blow. After looking at the wire map I exposed the two wires (black and orange) that looked to go to the blower. I touched them to a 12v battery and low and behold the blower started (rather weak), but.... Only for about 20 seconds. The fan then slowed and stopped even while the battery (brand new) was still touching the wires. All the fuses look good. I tried to upload some pictures here but for some reason they failed, sorry. Any ideas.