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  1. Does anyone have a wiring schematic on the 1984 or likely similar build Sunrader. Mine is the Nissan Chassis all original. Thanks. Please feel free to chime in. I am a new Sunrader Owner who is doing a complete restore / built / remodel...thanks for any advice help suggestions...Safe Travels...from SC
  2. 1984 Nissan Chassis Sunrader Electrical Schematics

    Hello and Merry Christmas All...thanks for the input the advise and the leg up...to everyone. I still haven't gotten my wiring issues all addressed but I will keep you all posted as to how and what I end up doing...I have taken tons of photos and made notes and videos so..soon I will start to post them...for others to see what and how I did what I did... Thanks again... and I am still interested in a copy or an actual owners manual...1984 Sunrader Nissan Datsun 720 Z24 engine 6 bolt floating rear... 180RD ( 18 footer ) shorty. Thanks...Happy New year !
  3. 1984 Nissan Chassis Sunrader Electrical Schematics

    Thanks Maineah . You are 100% correct,.There's no way to know for sure when or for how long. But the 35AH battery that was in it...was already swollen as well as the battery compartment bottom deck seriously damaged from acid ...Almost all the way through. I plan to change out the original battery box and replace it with a slight larger one....and replace to original onboard electrical system ( charger / inverter ) which to my surprise isn't very expensive to do.. I'll try to incorporate the best fix to a future solar / battery bank setup during the upgrade (s). I still haven't located a decent wiring diagram of the system ( front to rear )... I am not sure one existed. I'm not an electrician by anyone ones stretch of the imagination. It looks fairly straight forward and simple...I just need to sit down and walk through the entire system and write it all down..Example I have a 110 walk socket that is mounted near the steps as you enter the coach..it's the normal location for ...most of the Sunraders...it is one of two...it doesn't have power to it...Not sure why..the other is located at the rear of the refrigerator compartment it can be accessed ( normally ) through the exterior dometic outside door...panel. I removed the fridge and at the moment I've turned that entire section into an entertainment component cabinet. I don't plan to put another RV fridge in the unit. I plan to go with a 12VDC Dometic dual zone and just keep it slid out of the way when not needed.. Anyway.. Thanks If anyone has any info or suggestions...please feel free to join in. Thanks All Have a great Holiday..Season 2017 - 2018
  4. Wondering if anyone has suggestions. Starts on first crank but idles remains fast. Warms up idle sometimes drops slightly but never to the 9K it's supposed to drop to. I don't have a RPM gauge but it's at least 2 to three times over where it should be. Any info is appreciated. Yes I do 100% of my own work but I am not a mechanic by trade. NOTE" I've read ( have copy ) of a strange relay that sits under the dash on the passenger side to the right underneath of the glove box that has a wiring cluster...with a relay that...could be part of or the problem. NOTE: when I turn the key...not to start just to DC activate battery - making system connection ( what you do to use your radio while auto is not running )... I hear a click at that spot...very distinct relay toggle sound...???? Engine always starts right up. BUT. if I do not tap the gas peddle...at least once it will turn over but not start...an ever so slight tap...it starts turn the key without a tap...won't start... Chime in if you have any ideas suggestions or questions... Thanks
  5. Thanks everyone. I hope this reaches everyone that contributed to my question...I'm new to the forum. I haven't spent much time on forums so I always wonder if those we communicate with receive our follow ups and sincere gratitude for the help and guidance so many offer. Thanks...to you all. I hope to follow up soon with a ton of material I've been compiling...with photos and info and charts and docs... It would be nice to have a place we could all go to simply pull up anything we need anytime we need concerning our Sunraders...and it's community of interested owners and seekers of RV remodeling and restoration. Thanks
  6. That's great. Wondering if you have access to or anyone knows where I might find / locate a few items? First off I'd love to have a wiring diagram... especially the wiring that connects the tail lights / clearance lights...I'm having issues refreshing my lighting system. The other issue I'd love to tackle is how I might best build a custom set of upper cabinets. I've removed the old ones... refreshed and strengthened the lower ones..( I'll try to get around to posting before and after photos of everything in a few days ). I've made notes taken photos and video of most of what I've done. I've learned a lot...yet still have a ton of questions to ask those that know the inner working of this rare machine. I can say I find them extremely simple yet not well built like I was lead to believe. I find their structure lacking as well as the under belly under used as well as poorly designed. Rust is a issue I could use some suggestions on as well. So..excuse my long winded reply...just thinking out loud. Thanks for the reply. Yours looks great... have agreat week..safe Travels.
  7. Well hows the build going... No posting recently.
  8. 84 Sunrader Roof Vents And Plumbing Vents

    Very good points. The day i brought the Sunrader home was the day that Hurricane Irma moved through the area. So lots of heavy rain revealed lots of leaks... I hope I've sealed them all... I park it under a cover at the moment...I have both the AC and the bathroom fan vent out...and both plumbing vent caps off...as well as all the clearance lights and the roof rack. The top is prepped ( ready ) for install as soon as I get the replacement parts ( vent caps and fans ) I wont be putting another AC on the roof. I plan to add either a split unit and or a window mount, where the fridge was...it's out too. I'll go with a dometic 12 Volt DC top load side by side in place of the RV fridge and I removed the stove and it will be replaced with a camp style dual fuel potable 2 burner stove...that can be slide under the counter top...and or used outdoors...where I think it's always better to cook outdoors if you can...cooking in an 18 foot RV isn't a great idea ...on daily basis...Thanks again... Hope to start posting a few of the hundreds of photos and video I've managed to take along the way...
  9. Any info on sizes, manufactures etc... on replacing roof vent fan assemblies and plumbing roof top vent assemblies ? I need all. I suspect the 14 " X 14 " standard on vent fan sizing but not so sure on the plumbing vent covers. Trying to keep cost down... but cheap can be a waste of time and money too. Any help is appreciated.
  10. 84 Sunrader Roof Vents And Plumbing Vents

    Hello Linda S, Thank you, so much... I truly appreciate the info and suggestion (s). I can honestly say I had no idea how much I bit off when I bought this little Jewel. The more you dig the more you repair, replace and remove. I hear you on the roof treatment. I spent three days just chipping off the old stuff that had been applied since 1984... I really wonder about that so called self leveling ...blank... it appears to cause more problems than it solves. I agree...butyl and a little caulking after the butyl has settled...just to seal it up nice and clean...but keeping it very light and smooth.. I found the main leaks were the screws at the seam where the two half's are joined and the rear window / rear tail lights assemblies are. Terrible design...way too many accidents waiting to happen. I'm surprised any have survived ! Thanks... Great to see your reply ! Have a great day !
  11. Under Chassis Rust & Improvements

    I recently purchased a 1984 Sunrader Nissan chassis 720 / 4 cyl Z24 Engine. The RV needs a full face lift. I've gutted most of what I don't want or can't use or was no longer functioning ( AC/Stove/Fridge, cabinet doors, all carpet, all upholstery ) As the cleaning and inspecting process continues, I am concerned over the serious rust issue...that most any 1984 would have...even if taken care of. That said, has anyone worked on this issue...and what might be the best place to start. Like obviously any clamps, springs etc...should be upgraded...at what point...??? Any suggestions on replacement part suppliers that won't rob us blind? thanks in advance for any advise help or suggestions. Safe Travels ! BTW I'll get some photos up ASAP ! Didn't think of it when I was under her yesterday...
  12. 1982 18ft Sunrader Build Thread (photos, progress and questions)

    I just learned something,.,... Here they are ! 1908 ... and still available. http://www.robertsonscrew.com/Linked Files/Robertson Fastener Guide-e.version_Final.pdf
  13. 1982 18ft Sunrader Build Thread (photos, progress and questions)

    Every where...trim strip...cabinets, everything on top .... The S2 was the marking on the bit I used. I assume it meant a #2 fit square head...I think they are being called pan heads but....As noted above pan head stands for the shape of the screw's head not the type of bit or the style / design of the " torx " tool - head match... The Sunrader as also noted was built using early square head torx screws...called ( Robertson screws ) by Maineah above, thanks.. I'd read several of your post... great info. Extremely helpful. Back to the " Robertson screws " AKA Square Drive Head screws...that are no longer made the same way that I've been able to locate thus far. So I am leaning towards they can be replaced with square heads " modern day types " but not with exact matches...Can anyone add to that? Thanks I appreciate the help and guidance. As for sizing that's still a question I have not answered 100% Any suggestions? I NOTE" the trimp strip screws appear to have had their sharp tips snapped off...at the factory...I must assume they did this to avoid breaking threw the fiberglass shell...yet they still broke through...many times...thus the leaks at the shell seam...where the trim strip hides the two piece joint !
  14. 1982 18ft Sunrader Build Thread (photos, progress and questions)

    Okay here's a bit more...I picked up a few packs of # 8's Pan heads they did not match ...The S2 I refereed to is the number bit I used to remove them..I assumed it meant it worked on # 2's But I will continue to seek out the actual sizes used. I picked up a bunch of # 8's and they did not match what I removed so..back to the hardware... In the meantime , thanks and I appreciate any help and guidance I can get. This is my first RV so...I am green as they come...Thanks I'll check back soon... Oh the screws I removed are ...all of them..Trim strip, all the clearance lights, all the cabinets, stove, fridge is out AC out...etc...
  15. 1982 18ft Sunrader Build Thread (photos, progress and questions)

    Hello, I just bought a 1984 Sunrader on a Nissan 720 Chassis. Yes this is a 6 Bolt Floating Trans Dully setup. I've seen a ton of the Toy's online but not more then a small hand full of these. Anyway I am also gutting and remodeling... Wondering if anyone has a list of screw sizes they've used or plan to use. I pulled almost every screw that was in it..most were in terrible condition. The square head appears to be the common thread between them. I thought they were called panhead but I've since found out they aren't. I picked up # 8 and had to return them...I think my tool says they are S2's...does anyone know much or have a list of the screws...used? thanks..
  16. Raise da roof!!! (18ft 1982 Sunrader in need of some roof repair).

    I bought my first Sunrader last week. She's / he's on a 1984 Nissan 720 w/ the Z24 4 Cyl. 8 spark plug all original equipment. Now why did I mention this first ... I started as we all do researching all I could find concerning Sunrader ie: Gardner Pacific RV manufacturing out of Cali...which we all know closed many years ago. That said, one of the best articles I read by more than likely the most educated Sunrader expert on the planet...Mr. snail powered NW             Toyota Advanced Member 876 posts Gender:From Outerspace Posted August 15, 2013 I've just copied and pasted the title / member info...let me also post the direct link if I can locate it. Okay here it is I hope it works so ...the rest of you can learn what I learned from this man of many talents...most of all...NEVER unless you have no choice...READ his words carefully this man or woman knows what they are talking about... The exceptions do apply...so read it...he says it better then I can...Hope this helps some of you. It sure helped me...Now I know what otherwise would have cost me money and time...for nothing...I'll start posting my 1984 Sunrader remodel / retrofit...soon... Thanks all...I appreciate this forum....more than words can say. LINK: http://toyotamotorhome.org/forums/index.php?/topic/6289-sunrader-roof-structural-support/
  17. 1984 Nissan Chassis Sunrader Electrical Schematics

    Thanks Derek, I will check it out right away. I appreciate that. The 25 amp inverter / charger system through me off a bit. And apparently someone thought they would just add a wire or two...and run it through a wall..no markings no labels...Oh well. Thanks friend.
  18. Houston flood took my toyhome

    You can call them they can tell you where they took it. You may have to bid o it to get it back. But they can and should give you all the details in fact you could have denied a total.by showing them it was worth more then they paid .,...thus you keep it get a check and you fix it if you want too. Just a leg up hope it helps.
  19. Battery auto isolator vs. Solenoid

    Hello All Well did you fix or resolve the problem? I sure would like to know the outcome. Thanks It seems this happens a lot...a question is posted and a few chime in then nothing... Let's finish what we start...Okay Y'all ! Otherwise what's the point !
  20. Houston flood took my toyhome

    I feel your pain. But I can assure you, this isn't a total loss not by a long shot... If you opened up the unit and started drying it right away...fans dehumidifiers etc...24/7....till that sucker is bone dry...including any open or closed areas....wiring boxes...etc...open all hatches etc... you can save this no problem. You will need to pull the floor but the sub floor will be fine... Use peroxide to kill mold not bleach...you can use bleach on some things that's not a problem But to kill the dangerous mold use regular peroxide..as use it fast and strong...it won't hurt a thing...you can do a wipe down if you like. All cloth will need to be pulled and washed at once or discarded I am sure you know that already. Engine and electrical must be dry...do not tempt to start or run anything unless you are 110% sure it is dry 100% dry not even any moisture can remain...Good luck I hope this helps... If you elect not to try to save it...Please let me know I have a son in Houston I may try to buy the unit from the insurance company..I'd love to have another one...Take care hang in there and BTW I live on the river in SC I've ben flooded out twice in the past two years I am with you brother... It's a hard road but you'll make it... Take it a day at a time...No need to stress it is what it is.