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  1. Well Mine sure doesn't have the foolies on it...it's a true full 1 ton floating rear...6 bolt with the heavy duty rear ...as the Nissans all had a heavier rear then the Toys did...least at that time they did...I have a 1984 Sunrader Monterey ( 17.6 Footer ) 18Footer by name The Shorty... I've already rebuilt the front and rear brakes systems... they actually looked pretty good besides needing pads and the front drivers side had a bad caliper but I went ahead and rebuilt the front and rear pulled the rear spins and greased ans repack bearings etc... you can literally push this thing in neutral on the grass by yourself...it doesn't wight much at all...rolls very easily..
  2. Well what ever happened on the Sunrader? Did you buy it? Do you mind me asking what the asking price was and what you paid for it? Thanks
  3. And no mention of Nissan ...chassis Strange since they were the only one ( very few ) that never had an issue with the axles and dually issues... they were full floating 1 tons all of them as far as I know...no 5 Bolt Nissans that I know of.
  4. Here ya go...Derek, See I am pretty sure that address was never a factory location for Sunrader...But I ma still collecting info so...who knows for sure.
  5. I am pretty sure they were a dealer but not a factory manufacturer. That address is listed to Winnebago if I remember correctly.. I just posted it today so let me check to be sure...it came from Popular Science in then 80s I think.
  6. That's true Dereck. The patent is actually the form function style and material make up... The patent was for the two piece clam shell design, made of fiberglass and attached top / bottom seam... in a particular shape, used in a particular manner ( slide in / slide on / build on a platform / Chassis ) . The Sunrader as far as I know is still then only camper shell built in this way. There are others build in a similar manner but I haven't seen any that use the exact deign. Although after the 14 years period expired it is legal for anyone to copy said design... without application.
  7. Hello Linda and Derek up North < Wow CQQL that you located the Patent Docs. I tried as well and hadn't yet found it. I used to have a great search page that either is no longer available or somehow it wasn't pulling back up last I tried. I too rarely give up entirely, I take a break from it but normally I do go back a few times to see what and if I can find more... Thank you for sharing the info... I trust you and Derek up North are doing well and enjoying the Holiday Season.. Stay Warm ... I'll post whatever I find as well ...I enjoy this sort of thing...thanks again. Merry Christmas Happy Holidays .... to ALL
  8. Hi Linda sorry for delay. I didn't see that you'd posted till just now.. Good to hear back..I have a few photos of the tags that are on the side of my Sunrader... there is a patient number on it...some other tags are also unbelievably clear after all these years easy to read...I will try to make sure they are not destroyed....I am not sure how to best do that yet other than clean them with none abrasive materials and care....gently. Se if I can post a few here... let e know what ya think ! Happy Holidays Merry Christmas....and to all a good year ! The photo is me taken a few days ago...you can see how legible the tags are...I'll see if I can also post them with close ups I have a few... let me find a few..
  9. Thanks Linda...Sounds right. Never know what people will say online... Thanks for the info. I am trying to get some of the information on the patents..In hope of leading to some original drawings and material list etc.. . I'll post what I find out. Thanks again
  10. I know it sucks it would have been real nice to find and speak to this fella and his boss...and who ever else they could have included..that knows the history of Sunrader... I would love to pick their brains and I would love to get the story down i writing from those who know it best...the real stories...facts..dates numbers times... thanks everyone !
  11. What happened... Only one post that's it. I own one a Nissan Sunrader 720 chassis 1984 made there in Cali in 1984... please someone find this fella and get him to talk to us... Thanks we would really like to know more.. You can even email me Cajunnsc@gmail.com
  12. The above answer from Linda is correct... Yet it is not easy to fish new wires or pull or push or remove old wires.. any suggestions I am listening...I am in the process of re-building my clearance light system now..Not sure yet if I'll keep the old system and refresh it or drop it out and replace it with something ( new ) system.. I can and do have power to my passenger side upper clearance light...it is run from the rear passenger side.....running light wiring as stated above by Linda.... Hope this helps... I'll drop back by to add to this later..It is July 2018...Good luck !
  13. Hello and Merry Christmas All...thanks for the input the advise and the leg up...to everyone. I still haven't gotten my wiring issues all addressed but I will keep you all posted as to how and what I end up doing...I have taken tons of photos and made notes and videos so..soon I will start to post them...for others to see what and how I did what I did... Thanks again... and I am still interested in a copy or an actual owners manual...1984 Sunrader Nissan Datsun 720 Z24 engine 6 bolt floating rear... 180RD ( 18 footer ) shorty. Thanks...Happy New year !
  14. Thanks Maineah . You are 100% correct,.There's no way to know for sure when or for how long. But the 35AH battery that was in it...was already swollen as well as the battery compartment bottom deck seriously damaged from acid ...Almost all the way through. I plan to change out the original battery box and replace it with a slight larger one....and replace to original onboard electrical system ( charger / inverter ) which to my surprise isn't very expensive to do.. I'll try to incorporate the best fix to a future solar / battery bank setup during the upgrade (s). I still haven't located a decent wiring diagram of the system ( front to rear )... I am not sure one existed. I'm not an electrician by anyone ones stretch of the imagination. It looks fairly straight forward and simple...I just need to sit down and walk through the entire system and write it all down..Example I have a 110 walk socket that is mounted near the steps as you enter the coach..it's the normal location for ...most of the Sunraders...it is one of two...it doesn't have power to it...Not sure why..the other is located at the rear of the refrigerator compartment it can be accessed ( normally ) through the exterior dometic outside door...panel. I removed the fridge and at the moment I've turned that entire section into an entertainment component cabinet. I don't plan to put another RV fridge in the unit. I plan to go with a 12VDC Dometic dual zone and just keep it slid out of the way when not needed.. Anyway.. Thanks If anyone has any info or suggestions...please feel free to join in. Thanks All Have a great Holiday..Season 2017 - 2018
  15. Wondering if anyone has suggestions. Starts on first crank but idles remains fast. Warms up idle sometimes drops slightly but never to the 9K it's supposed to drop to. I don't have a RPM gauge but it's at least 2 to three times over where it should be. Any info is appreciated. Yes I do 100% of my own work but I am not a mechanic by trade. NOTE" I've read ( have copy ) of a strange relay that sits under the dash on the passenger side to the right underneath of the glove box that has a wiring cluster...with a relay that...could be part of or the problem. NOTE: when I turn the key...not to start just to DC activate battery - making system connection ( what you do to use your radio while auto is not running )... I hear a click at that spot...very distinct relay toggle sound...???? Engine always starts right up. BUT. if I do not tap the gas peddle...at least once it will turn over but not start...an ever so slight tap...it starts turn the key without a tap...won't start... Chime in if you have any ideas suggestions or questions... Thanks
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