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  1. Well Mine sure doesn't have the foolies on it...it's a true full 1 ton floating rear...6 bolt with the heavy duty rear ...as the Nissans all had a heavier rear then the Toys did...least at that time they did...I have a 1984 Sunrader Monterey ( 17.6 Footer ) 18Footer by name The Shorty... I've already rebuilt the front and rear brakes systems... they actually looked pretty good besides needing pads and the front drivers side had a bad caliper but I went ahead and rebuilt the front and rear pulled the rear spins and greased ans repack bearings etc... you can literally push this thing in neutral on the grass by yourself...it doesn't wight much at all...rolls very easily..
  2. NissanSunrader1984

    1984 Nissan Sunrader axle question

    Well what ever happened on the Sunrader? Did you buy it? Do you mind me asking what the asking price was and what you paid for it? Thanks
  3. And no mention of Nissan ...chassis Strange since they were the only one ( very few ) that never had an issue with the axles and dually issues... they were full floating 1 tons all of them as far as I know...no 5 Bolt Nissans that I know of.
  4. Here ya go...Derek, See I am pretty sure that address was never a factory location for Sunrader...But I ma still collecting info so...who knows for sure.
  5. I am pretty sure they were a dealer but not a factory manufacturer. That address is listed to Winnebago if I remember correctly.. I just posted it today so let me check to be sure...it came from Popular Science in then 80s I think.
  6. That's true Dereck. The patent is actually the form function style and material make up... The patent was for the two piece clam shell design, made of fiberglass and attached top / bottom seam... in a particular shape, used in a particular manner ( slide in / slide on / build on a platform / Chassis ) . The Sunrader as far as I know is still then only camper shell built in this way. There are others build in a similar manner but I haven't seen any that use the exact deign. Although after the 14 years period expired it is legal for anyone to copy said design... without application.
  7. Hello Linda and Derek up North < Wow CQQL that you located the Patent Docs. I tried as well and hadn't yet found it. I used to have a great search page that either is no longer available or somehow it wasn't pulling back up last I tried. I too rarely give up entirely, I take a break from it but normally I do go back a few times to see what and if I can find more... Thank you for sharing the info... I trust you and Derek up North are doing well and enjoying the Holiday Season.. Stay Warm ... I'll post whatever I find as well ...I enjoy this sort of thing...thanks again. Merry Christmas Happy Holidays .... to ALL
  8. Hi Linda sorry for delay. I didn't see that you'd posted till just now.. Good to hear back..I have a few photos of the tags that are on the side of my Sunrader... there is a patient number on it...some other tags are also unbelievably clear after all these years easy to read...I will try to make sure they are not destroyed....I am not sure how to best do that yet other than clean them with none abrasive materials and care....gently. Se if I can post a few here... let e know what ya think ! Happy Holidays Merry Christmas....and to all a good year ! The photo is me taken a few days ago...you can see how legible the tags are...I'll see if I can also post them with close ups I have a few... let me find a few..
  9. Thanks Linda...Sounds right. Never know what people will say online... Thanks for the info. I am trying to get some of the information on the patents..In hope of leading to some original drawings and material list etc.. . I'll post what I find out. Thanks again
  10. I know it sucks it would have been real nice to find and speak to this fella and his boss...and who ever else they could have included..that knows the history of Sunrader... I would love to pick their brains and I would love to get the story down i writing from those who know it best...the real stories...facts..dates numbers times... thanks everyone !
  11. What happened... Only one post that's it. I own one a Nissan Sunrader 720 chassis 1984 made there in Cali in 1984... please someone find this fella and get him to talk to us... Thanks we would really like to know more.. You can even email me Cajunnsc@gmail.com
  12. NissanSunrader1984

    84 Sunrader Roof Vents And Plumbing Vents

    Very good points. The day i brought the Sunrader home was the day that Hurricane Irma moved through the area. So lots of heavy rain revealed lots of leaks... I hope I've sealed them all... I park it under a cover at the moment...I have both the AC and the bathroom fan vent out...and both plumbing vent caps off...as well as all the clearance lights and the roof rack. The top is prepped ( ready ) for install as soon as I get the replacement parts ( vent caps and fans ) I wont be putting another AC on the roof. I plan to add either a split unit and or a window mount, where the fridge was...it's out too. I'll go with a dometic 12 Volt DC top load side by side in place of the RV fridge and I removed the stove and it will be replaced with a camp style dual fuel potable 2 burner stove...that can be slide under the counter top...and or used outdoors...where I think it's always better to cook outdoors if you can...cooking in an 18 foot RV isn't a great idea ...on daily basis...Thanks again... Hope to start posting a few of the hundreds of photos and video I've managed to take along the way...
  13. NissanSunrader1984

    84 Sunrader Roof Vents And Plumbing Vents

    Hello Linda S, Thank you, so much... I truly appreciate the info and suggestion (s). I can honestly say I had no idea how much I bit off when I bought this little Jewel. The more you dig the more you repair, replace and remove. I hear you on the roof treatment. I spent three days just chipping off the old stuff that had been applied since 1984... I really wonder about that so called self leveling ...blank... it appears to cause more problems than it solves. I agree...butyl and a little caulking after the butyl has settled...just to seal it up nice and clean...but keeping it very light and smooth.. I found the main leaks were the screws at the seam where the two half's are joined and the rear window / rear tail lights assemblies are. Terrible design...way too many accidents waiting to happen. I'm surprised any have survived ! Thanks... Great to see your reply ! Have a great day !
  14. Any info on sizes, manufactures etc... on replacing roof vent fan assemblies and plumbing roof top vent assemblies ? I need all. I suspect the 14 " X 14 " standard on vent fan sizing but not so sure on the plumbing vent covers. Trying to keep cost down... but cheap can be a waste of time and money too. Any help is appreciated.
  15. NissanSunrader1984

    1982 18ft Sunrader Build Thread (photos, progress and questions)

    I just learned something,.,... Here they are ! 1908 ... and still available. http://www.robertsonscrew.com/Linked Files/Robertson Fastener Guide-e.version_Final.pdf