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  1. MNman

    Posting in classifieds

    Makes sense...I've never looked at the classifieds.
  2. MNman

    Choice of 87 or 89.

    I'd be surprised if the guy asking 10G is even gonna look at an offer of 4 or 5 G. I paid 10G for my 92/29,000 miles and thought I paid a fair (though not low) price. I'm sure someone with the 4 will answer you, but for my money, having driven my 6 in some pretty hilly country, I don't think a 4 would interest me. just my .02
  3. MNman

    Portable generator question

    Picked up the Honda yesterday and I did read about the eco switch, and will make sure it's off when I need to run the A/C. Won't be till next year here in MN....14 degrees predicted for sunday night:)
  4. MNman

    Portable generator question

    no worries Hambone, I've been called worse;) The Hondas are on sale at Northern Tool, reg 999 on sale for 899. Then they have a 50 off any purchase over 250 coupon that's also valid on all sale prices. It says nothing in the ad about them being refurbished, but I'll double check when I pick one up. Yeah, that's the lowest price I've seen on them, which sparked my interest in the first place. Yes, the 3000 is too big a unit to haul around...I have one a bit larger than that for home use but it's waaay too big for the Toy. Wheres your cabin? We have one on upper Red.
  5. MNman

    Portable generator question

    I'm in MN, so elevation wouldn't be an issue here either:) Maybe out west or on an AK trip though... Positive on the 11,000...I read it right off the unit. How did you diagnose the capacitors were an issue? I'm pretty new to this. I've wanted a small generator for awhile anyway, and the a/c is only 1 use, so if it doesn't work out so be it. Do you have a heating element in your a/c? I see mine is prewired for one and they're pretty cheap/easy to install so I was thinking of getting one. I understand they aren't a replacement for the furnace, but for the small investment it looked like a good idea. So...I'm guessing the heat would draw less juice than the A/C and the Honda would run that. Guessing:)
  6. MNman

    Draining water system

    good to know, I did pump my tank empty (it was almost empty anyway) and then blew out the lines with air. And drained the Hot water heater. Hopefully that does the trick. I've blown out the water lines at the cabin before and it seems to work well.
  7. MNman

    Portable generator question

    Thanks Mark; I guess I don't know...I have the A/C manual in my hand, but it's written for 3 models, capacity's of 7,180, 11,000 and 13,500 like you mention. I'll go out and look on the actual unit...maybe there's something on it that gives it's exact model #. and...good news for me:) it's the middle size, so 11,000 like yours. Sounds like the nudge I need to buy the little Honda finally! They have the 2000i Honda generators for 850 at the local place, the cheapest I've seen them. My A/C unit wasn't factory, but they had it installed new in 92, still have the slip for it. The former owners were great about keeping every manual, etc... wait a sec...I just saw you said you use it while driving?? um...where is it running?
  8. I have a DouTherm air conditioner in my 92 Dolphin. The manual says it draws 1530 watts, and the Honda 2000 Inverter generator I'm looking at says it puts out 1600 "running" watts. Sounds like I'm cutting it close there...if I'm not running much (or anything?) else, will I be OK ?
  9. First go round for draining the water system on my 92 Dolphin. Reading from the manual..." Open the 2 low point drain valves" no problem draining the hot water tank, and the drain for the fresh water is a spigot on the outside. But I don't see 2 more drain valves...? help please:)
  10. MNman

    87 DOLPHIN

    yup...I just paid 10,000 for a 92 with a V-6, and air, with only 30,000 miles