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  1. What is this switch?

    Yup, seems that everyone but me can get pics to load. I keep getting error -200.
  2. What is this switch?

    Its the 12v circuit. Ill check those fuseboxes. I have no way of reducing pic size. Thx
  3. What is this switch?

    The witres are red, black, and white. They go into the floor. If you look closely, one spliced white wire is disconnected.
  4. What is this switch?

    I get errors when loading pics error -200
  5. What is this switch?

    How did you get my picture?
  6. What is this switch?

    Its not a normal house switch. Black cover, red lit rocker. Im trying to figure out how to post a pic.
  7. 87 Escaper. The previous owner (dont have contact info) installed a gas only manual light hot water heater. However there is a lighted switch (the light still comes on) near the rear exit just below the oven. What does or did this switch do? Is it still in play for something? Thanks.