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  1. Toyota Girl

    Toyota 85 Coachman "Total Remodel"

    I purchased my abandoned project, which they had taken the out back half of walls, furniture out due to water damage. They had begun to insulalate and there is where it was left off. It sat during winter and defiantly still had leaks. I currently took all the insulation out that was recently installed. I then continued and have taken sink, closet, and bathroom walls and ceiling out. I am now almost completely done with over cab. Lots of areas of water damage have been found. Will need to reseal the roof, but not sure what products have been used before on roof. Lots of rotted wood Will need to be replaced. Starting with a completely blank canvas! A million ideas but haven't fully decided on how I'll lay things out but main focus at this time is getting the structure solid, and leaks sealed up.
  2. Toyota Girl

    Toyota 85 Coachman "Total Remodel"

    Thanks Linda and WenSun! Demolition completed!
  3. Toyota Girl


    Over cab is really bad!!!