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  1. I put away my Sunrader for the winter. Luckily in the Portland, Oregon, area it doesn't get too cold during the winter months. In addition to draining the water lines and tanks, I covered the Sunrader with a large waterproof tarp. In the spring I would like to look for someone who could (not sure what term to use) clean and polish the fiberglass shell. What type of company or service would I contact who could do this for me?
  2. Donegan

    What's your rig and where's it at?

    I live in Portland, Oregon, and about five years ago I was actively searching for a Toyota motorhome. I was planning on retiring in December 2015 and wanted a small motorhome to travel south to my home in Merida, Mexico, where I spend the winters. Every one I saw that was reasonably priced was snatched up quickly and I just wasn't interested in a total remodel project. In July of 2015 I saw this ad posted on Craigslist for a 1988 Sunrader that had 45,000 miles and the asking price was $5,999 out of Seattle. I didn't bother to respond to the ad because I knew (1) it was either fake or (2) I was the 50th person in line. The week went by and kept seeing the ad so I decided to give the seller a call. It turned out to be an older gentleman who was returning to Seattle the coming weekend to show the vehicle. He said, "I literally had a hundred people call from all over the nation." He told me he had agreed to show it to people Saturday morning. I called him back the next morning and said, "I'll give you $7,000 cash and I'll meet you Friday afternoon." After a few phone calls back and forth he agreed. I took the bus up to Seattle and had a friend meet me who drove to me over to his place. This little motorhome had been sitting in his backyard for 20+ years and he would occasionally take it out on a trip. He hadn't used it in about 8 years. He had it running when we pulled up and it purred. I went inside the interior was in mint condition. A little musty from being closed up for five years but nothing a little airing out wouldn't cure. He also had the refrigerator running, we turned on the water heater and furnace and both kicked on immediately. After some talking we realized our paths had crossed and we knew a lot of the same people (both of us were from Montana). I paid him and my friend followed me to about SeaTac and then I was on my way. We made it home in one piece. It needed a lot of TLC and I've replaced most of the pumps, hoses, belts, batteries, alternator, tires, muffler, changed all the fluids, re-caulked around the windows and gave it good cleaning. I had started the process to become a permanent resident of Mexico in the fall of 2015. After I purchased the Sunrader I was talking to a friend in Mexico and she said, "You can't drive the motorhome into Mexico. As a permanent resident, you can't bring any vehicle into Mexico that's older than 2008." I went back to the Mexican Consulate in Portland and spoke to the consular staff and yes, it was true. I can't, as a permanent resident, bring this vehicle into Mexico. Even though my plan of driving back and forth from Mexico didn't happen, I still enjoy using this each summer in the Pacific Northwest. I even sleep it in it when the temperatures hit 90 or above. The air conditioning is ice cold. Since I've owned it, I've had about five or six people come up to the house asking if it was for sale. My last project ... I found an almost brand new Onan 2800 microlite generator for $500 (another long story) and am going to have it installed next week.