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  1. notbadbutgood

    Roof Replacement: ¼" Luan vs. ⅛" Hardboard

    Hmm...yeah, I mean, I think I was being over-confident in the EPDM to keep the moisture out, but I think everyone knows that's a pipe dream... I also appreciate the assessment, Linda, about the weight of the luan. Okay, I think I'll stick with luan for this. Thank you!
  2. Hey Everyone, So I'm replacing my roof, and looking for some advice on a material... (I have a '78 Dolphin Micro Mini, so weight is even more important than normal.) I feel like ¼" luan is the ubiquitous workhorse, so it's what most people recommend. However, while at Home Depot, I found some ⅛" hardboard that feels like it would be lighter (and cheaper). Since it'll be covered in EPDM, and my roof doesn't need to be incredibly load-bearing, is there any reason why I shouldn't go with that, instead? It's half the price of the luan, and has to be lighter than ¼" luan, I would think. One obvious downside is that because it's thinner than the luan, it would also be just a little more difficult to walk on my roof, having to be very careful not to cause distress, as it would most certainly be more prone to breakage than the ¼" luan. Anyone have an opinion to share? Should I just stick with what everyone uses? Or has anyone used ⅛" hardboard before?
  3. notbadbutgood

    Owner's Manual Needed: 1978 Dolphin

    All great advice, guys, thank you!
  4. notbadbutgood

    Owner's Manual Needed: 1978 Dolphin

    This is great, Derek, thank you! Do you have recommendations about any generalized books that would be similar to a Haynes manual...but for the motorhome section of the Dolphin? I'm currently using these forums and YouTube to my advantage, but I'm a book guy. I know books like this exist, but there are so many that choosing is daunting.
  5. Hi! I'm the new owner of a 1978 Dolphin Micro Mini, which I'll be remodeling over the next few months. I'm so excited to start this journey! I have the Haynes manual (for the Hilux pickup), but I don't have a manual for the RV itself. I've looked through the files over at the Yahoo! forums, and I spent the better part of a few afternoons searching the web, only to find that all roads point back to here. Would any of you have access to this manual? Or perhaps a model similar enough that it would help me as I'm respectfully updating this amazing classic? Thanks so much!