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  1. Awesome, might have to take you up on that some day! I've heard the Fryeburg fair is the best one in Maine. I decided to do a bit of the exterior painting today since we're in for a nice stretch of weather here in Maine. I used the oil based XO Rust Tractor and Implement paint with the catalyst hardener you can add to it. The first coat turned out a lot better than I expected! I knew that a perfect smooth paint job wasn't a possibility, so I would have been happy with it looking decent from 10-15' away, but it actually goes on real smooth with a foam roller and looks half way decent even up close. I had already sprayed the same kind/color of paint (in an aerosol can) around the windows before I reinstalled them last summer, so that saved me a lot of time by not having to mask those areas, and the freshly rolled paint blended in real well with the sprayed paint. Definitely going to have to start thinking about adding a few vinyl stripes to the sides, it's gonna look pretty blank with that bright white paint. I'm thinking of just doing a few stripes in various shades of green. I might also paint the door green. And eventually I'd like to have the truck cab painted metallic emerald green, or maybe do one of those vinyl wraps on it. I used one of those eraser wheels to remove the old vinyl stripes/logos, it worked really well. As I was removing the old "Mini-Cruiser" logo I realized I made it look like it says "Mini-Craig", which I found amusing because that's my name Haha First coat of gloss white A butterfly (or most likely a moth) made it's chrysalis on one of my rear tires I'll take it as a sign of good luck.
  2. Thanks Yes there is a town of Penobscot, right on the southern coast next to Blue Hill and Ellsworth/MDI area. Been to Fryeburg once for a barbecue festival years ago, at the fairgrounds. It was like 100+ degrees that weekend, middle of July 😓 I hear ya on the different locks, I've already got quite a few keys on my chain I might try to slim it down a bit for simplicity haha
  3. So I'm back to working on my RV, it was very refreshing to take the winter off...I got extremely burnt out on it after pushing myself all last summer and fall. But I'm starting to get excited about it again, and with the exterior wrapped up (aside from the roll on tractor paint) it's now road worthy, with multiple redundant safeguards against the elements. This thing is monsoon proof! The past few weeks I've been able to focus on some of the things I enjoy more, like working on the interior. When I went to take it out the the garage this spring there was a huge puddle of oil underneath the motor That had me pretty worried, but it turned out to be a bad washer on the oil pan drain plug. Dodged a bullet there! I was thinking I was going to have to do a rear main seal or something, but after changing the oil and putting on a new washer no more oil is leaking. I've taken it on a few short trips and it's done very well! Super smooth quiet ride, too. The first thing I did this spring was dig/level a parking spot for it on the side of my house. I lined it with rocks on the sides and the front is some old bricks I had so I can drive it into the spot. I still need to buy some gravel/pea stone to fill it with (grass/weeds are starting to grow in it pretty quick) This was the best spot for it at my house since it ends up being in the shade most of the day and I get a nice strong wifi signal and convenient hookups for water/electricity. The closet has a false floor (it's actually the original carpeted closet floor piece that I reused, along with the original folding door) and there's a nice area underneath it to store stuff, and I was thinking of putting a small safe/lock box underneath there because the truck's frame also runs right underneath it so I would be able to U-bolt it into place for added security. I really couldn't afford a new 3-way fridge but I'm okay with just a standard mini fridge. There's a capped propane tee right there and all the hookups so I can always change it in the future. The area next to the fridge will be a set of shelves and a nice big flat area on the top. I'll update more as I get things done! I think next up is framing out the bathroom area and maybe doing the water lines to the sink. I think I'm going to end up going with an outdoor shower for simplicity, although I still haven't made up my mind 100% on that. Still a long ways to go but at least it's road worthy, and it smells so nice inside thanks to all the new wood and cedar planking Thanks for checking out my build!
  4. Right on, well I appreciate the info. I just ordered one of these: Will allow me to turn the lock cylinder on the propane access door into a non locking knob As for a propane identification sticker, how about this one?
  5. Well, that makes sense. I'd rather be safe than sorry. My family lost our house last year to a propane leak. Jacking up the house a year prior for foundation work must have stressed the line and the kitchen stove exploded at 4am and the propane tank turned it into a flamethrower :/ I'll super glue the key into the lock cylinder!
  6. Hmm, well I suppose if I had to I could just super glue the key into the lock? The propane tank is held in place by sliding into a bracket in the rear of the locker, and the front slides over a bolt I ran through the floor and a wing nut holds it in place. I also have a 1" circular drain that runs through the floor, as I read that propane is heavier than air. It's got 4 new shut off valves (before each appliance) I've just recently gotten it back into a driveable condition, and its got a minty fresh Maine inspection sticker. I wasn't there when it was inspected, I assume they looked at the propane setup?
  7. Things have slowed down for me the past few weeks, but still managed to get a few things done. Here's some updates: I took the aluminum rack that used to run along the back of the roof and cut it down quite a bit to make a little luggage rack on the rear bumper. Also got my taillights installed, and added a third brake light and plate light. All the exterior lights are led, so I had to wire resistors into the blinkers because they were blinking fast (like when a bulb is out) the wiring runs into the bumper and up to the lights so I didn't have to make any holes in the rear filon. I made all new propane lines and installed them. I was able to bend the lines into shape without kinking them by filling the lines with table salt Here's everything installed, the propane locker sealed, water pump & accumulator installed Bench seat/bed installed, and added the cabinet doors. I'm eventually going to reupholster all my cushions Here's the new kitchen area compared to the old one. Much sturdier! Stove and furnace installed and working! Got a new programmable thermostat as well framed out the cabinets and added a track light. I also added a wall on the right side of the over cab bunk I put an adjustable tv mount on the end of this cabinet. Can watch tv in the over cab or turn it towards the rear. Took a break and watched some MST3K! My dog, Lulu. She loves the overhead bunk! We've spent a few nights in the rv so far I finished the ceiling. Highly recommend cedar planking! Easy to work with, smells great, and it naturally repels insects I tested out the oil based tractor paint. It rolls on easy and looks good so far. I'll have to do multiple coats. I also added the liquid hardener to it, it should be nice and durable. Also installed the rest of the trim and added green vinyl insert. I think it will look a little better when everything is painted. I also plastic welded the cracks in the rear wheel arches. I spray painted them flat white and used some plastic adhesion promoter before painting. That's about it for now, will update more soon! Thanks for checking out my project
  8. Thank you both for the comments, kind words definitely help me stay motivated! I was certainly very overwhelmed when I first started tearing it apart but since it has started to come together a bit things have gotten a lot easier. I've had a bit of help here and there from my friend who is a professional carpenter, and lots of advice from friends and family and on the forums here. It's finally sealed up and doesn't have to be kept under the tarp anymore, which was a huge step. I just imagine that the whole thing is made of Lego bricks and that seems to make it easier to get everything done Definitely agree on the clamps! very good friends and can never seem to have enough of them around either haha
  9. Ok...been lurking here since this past July when I bought this 84' RBR Mini Cruiser. I got it pretty cheap, had a lot of water damage and was missing a lot of stuff. Never owned an RV before. I bought it so that I can go on a fun road trip with my dog, Lulu. So far it has been a labor of love, but also a labor of hate...burning...seething HATE. But at least it's starting to look like an RV again. Almost wrapped up with the outside, here's some pictures of the progress so far: Look at that nasty ceiling this was after I tore a layer of whiteboard out that was held up with 1x2 screwed to the walls/cabinets IMG_20170707_110338 by jettaphile, on Flickr More kuckiness IMG_20170707_110305 by jettaphile, on Flickr Missing lots of stuff: IMG_20170707_110343 by jettaphile, on Flickr Tore that OOOOO open like a can of sardines IMG_20170723_122000 by jettaphile, on Flickr Making roof frame with 1x4's IMG_20170729_130902 by jettaphile, on Flickr IMG_20170729_130906 by jettaphile, on Flickr Used this Protecto wrap stuff as a gasket on top of the aluminum frame IMG_20170729_174257 by jettaphile, on Flickr Halfway gutted IMG_20170804_161422 by jettaphile, on Flickr The shittiest pile of shitty old shit I've ever shat: IMG_20170805_110652 by jettaphile, on Flickr 1/4" birch for the roof IMG_20170806_180645 by jettaphile, on Flickr Floor was drilled, injected with epoxy, and dowels hammered in/cut off IMG_20170808_200449 by jettaphile, on Flickr A rarely seen view of a Toyhome! IMG_20170810_182625 by jettaphile, on Flickr New wall panels IMG_20170812_181335 by jettaphile, on Flickr Frame for the bunk area IMG_20170813_161934 by jettaphile, on Flickr Got rid of this one piece bathroom closet thing...Don't like the idea of having to sit on the toilet while having a shower IMG_20170814_113956 by jettaphile, on Flickr Easy to panel the walls when nothing is in your way! IMG_20170815_173943 by jettaphile, on Flickr Laminate flooring installed IMG_20170816_182752 by jettaphile, on Flickr Frame for the couch, and new 6gal water heater and 12gal water tank IMG_20170817_185259 by jettaphile, on Flickr Tent city IMG_20170818_130726 by jettaphile, on Flickr I think this is from Wendy's or some other fast food restaurant. Insanely heavy IMG_20170818_130738 by jettaphile, on Flickr First piece of filon laminated! IMG_20170820_173407 by jettaphile, on Flickr Insulated IMG_20170823_151912 by jettaphile, on Flickr IMG_20170826_150702 by jettaphile, on Flickr Look at that shine! I used a universal gasket for a truck tail gate as the seal IMG_20170826_150721 by jettaphile, on Flickr Panels got the edges coated with fiberglass epoxy resin IMG_20170827_193250 by jettaphile, on Flickr IMG_20170829_113622 by jettaphile, on Flickr Roof! With no holes in it mwahahaha IMG_20170831_173210 by jettaphile, on Flickr Front panels were framed with poplar to be a little more sturdy IMG_20170831_131244 by jettaphile, on Flickr More laminating IMG_20170904_155042 by jettaphile, on Flickr Old panels: IMG_20170915_111300 by jettaphile, on Flickr Yay progress IMG_20170905_123015 by jettaphile, on Flickr Insulated: IMG_20170905_164425 by jettaphile, on Flickr Cedar planking, which I had to install twice...because the first time I forgot to run wires for the clearance lights IMG_20170907_200223 by jettaphile, on Flickr More insulation IMG_20170908_115049 by jettaphile, on Flickr IMG_20170908_133146 by jettaphile, on Flickr IMG_20170908_190441 by jettaphile, on Flickr Looking good: IMG_20170913_182511 by jettaphile, on Flickr Rear panels installed, moved the window up 4 inches IMG_20170915_144232 by jettaphile, on Flickr I laminated a 1x4 to the filon, then it was butted up against the roof before I cut everything to size IMG_20170915_144244 by jettaphile, on Flickr IMG_20170915_144255 by jettaphile, on Flickr I drilled 5 holes in it for the clearance lights and use the holes to sandwich some boards together while laminating IMG_20170915_182319 by jettaphile, on Flickr Had to add a seam here, the filon wouldn't be able to make that angle and stay put IMG_20170916_181858 by jettaphile, on Flickr The rear almost finished. It took me 3 days to grind all the layers of sealant off the aluminum corner trim and clean it up/paint it black The bottom piece of the rear is a 1x5 piece of clear board, that stuff made of pvc. The filon hangs over the bottom panel which is held to the clear board with double sided eternabond, then regular 2" eternabond in a "U" shape around the bottom of it, and then a piece of aluminum trim with butyl tape. The top piece overhangs the lower piece and the seam is filled with marine 5200 IMG_20170923_173857 by jettaphile, on Flickr Edges on the inside have a seam of marine 5200 and the holes where the wiring for the lights is filled with 5200 through hull adhesive IMG_20170917_191100 by jettaphile, on Flickr Everything fits...barely IMG_20170825_170803 by jettaphile, on Flickr Used up some of the leftover flooring, and put a piece of carpet in there as well, to keep the floor in decent shape while under construction IMG_20170926_182731 by jettaphile, on Flickr New water heater, added an access panel for the propane tank, and made a little panel with water inlets, and vent for the battery box IMG_20170926_182804 by jettaphile, on Flickr Need to make a box around the propane tank so that it's sealed off from the rest of the interior, it barely fits out the door! IMG_20170926_182824 by jettaphile, on Flickr Testing out some rope lights, I'll probably have them under the cabinets IMG_20170926_185616 by jettaphile, on Flickr And those last few pictures are how it sits as of a few hours ago...will add more as progress continues. I'll be painting the outside with this oil based tractor paint I got (similar to rustoleum paint jobs, that you can roll on) I painted around the windows and stuff before installing them with the same paint but in spray form, so this way I don't have to mask anything when I roll the paint on. Tons more pictures on my Flickr page if anyone is interested: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jettaphile/