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  1. neubie

    Propane extend-a-stay

    extend a stay on a slightly newer tank -- after the tank shut off, before the regulator.
  2. neubie

    Wireless Backup Camera

    these are having a generational turnover right now. Even on amazon, you can get a 1080p front, 720p rear dual setup in various shapes/sizes for under 40, sometimes under 30. The wire (if wired) for the rear camera is not usually long enough to reach the back of these trucks but extensions are cheap and available. The rear cameras have 4 IR LEDs embedded which means they can sort of do night vision. In this price range, they all run the same software and have same features. The differences are cosmetic in the appearance of the display monitor such as touch screen or not. Amazon reviews are often faked but there are a few honest ones in them that describe quality issues. Main problem seems to be the inability of the displays to handle excessively warm temperatures. Being on or near the windshield they get full exposure to the sun. The WIFI cameras with an RCA connector as used on the youtube above are a significant notch lower in video quality -- analog 640p, no IR/night ability. Newer versions with integrated IR LEDs typically will use a 5 pin s-videoish digital cable interface.
  3. neubie

    Flushes/black water capacity

    Illuminating discussion right here.
  4. neubie

    The beginning

    yes, unfortunately that was the approach then. Soon you will meet the staples in the house portion. You can use a filler, or alternatively just new screws. You will probably need bondo here and there either way at this age.
  5. neubie

    where to start??

    Best way to ask for advice is to post pictures of what you think needs work, including details of the defect if its not obvious. These old workhorses will always do with more improvements, decide what is essential and/or preventing you from using it.
  6. Drove around for a while until I located shops with higher bays. Fortunately one of the no wait jiffy lubes had tall bays. Car has new fluids. They fidgeted with the oil filter for a bit before managing to get it off. Hopefully nothing stripped. Cant say I could tell if there was anything in the oil but it sure didnt look too bad from a distance. There is a fair bit of condensation from the tail pipe, so I have been worried about the engine leaving me stranded. None of the telltale signs appeared in the fluids so I am hoping to drive a few hundred miles and test out drivability. Cant say the same about shocks and brakes. They will need a looking into. Dont inspire a lot of confidence in limited driving. Lesson learned: Learn the height of the truck well. Everything including tree branches, low bridges, and low bays are real and often unexpected enemies. On the positive side, havent scraped my bottom in a while.
  7. neubie

    Roof too far gone?

    sunraders tend to fare a bit better but check my repair thread -- it is STILL going and for the cost I see far better options including sunraders not to mention two lost years of using it. I console myself with excuses like learning experience, knowing your toyota well, having new appliances and so on. But the truth is a good starting point is important for everyone but the most dedicated professional. By the time they get into this state of disrepair, a lot of mechanical nd electrical things go wrong too. At that point, it a time wasting exercise if you are not a pro.
  8. neubie

    Roof Questions for a 1987 Escaper

    If a pit has white glueish thing applied to it then its an attempt to fill a hole or crack. Clean well with a good roof cleaner, pretty much to get a shiny surface, you do this once in an eternity, dont skimp on cleaning. Add a couple layers of a good elastomeric roof coating, as instructed by package, on a warm afternoon. Members swear by different brands of elastomeric roof coating, everyone from rustoleum to koolseal,snowseal and what not makes a version. Pick the one you like most recommended here by doing a roof coating search and checking on what and why they say about it and whether it applies to you.
  9. neubie

    Roof Questions for a 1987 Escaper

    Never easy to take pictures of a roof to show folks the level of detail for informed feedback. In general, any 30 year old bare roof is begging for a good coating. Here, the question is - what are those dimples and spots that decorate the surface? Shallow pits or through holes?
  10. neubie

    Blackwater leak

    Today I learned something new.
  11. neubie

    Blackwater leak

    The foam is aftermarket. They were not applying greatstuff at the factory thirty years ago.
  12. neubie

    Advice on buying sunrader

    inside pictures? The mileage is low enough. If age is the only issue with components it sounds like a reasonable deal.
  13. Yes, the ladders come with a platform too. You just need to buy one that will get you to the roof, just so you dont end up with my conundrum of endless ladder purchases.
  14. Failed at step 1, neighbors are into hiring people with ladders. But not into ladders. Alternative -- buy second ladder. Then omitted to clamp 3/4" 1.5?×8 I was using as a board. Have a scaffold that is 2 feet high, 5 feet wide. Have a 6 foot wide platform and stools. This time, they will be clamped together like never before! edit -- and then i will still find a way to fall over. At least didnt kill the engine last time.
  15. Yup, did. Then the board slipped and I had a good tumble. Next time I am tying down the board Or better still raising the ladder on something. You need 6ft wide and 45 inches or so high to clear the hood. May be a stool under both ends will do it. A stool hols me, ladder+me cant be that much heavier. Two stools+1 ladder= nastier fall?