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  1. Samples of glazing bead arrived. They all look the same to me. Tried comparing with the existing bead, still no help. Samples have codes on them, but no details. Need to check what fits in the window instead. Took out all vents except for the 14inches. Scraped the roof some more. It wants more scraping. All vents, fans are here, but I am still patching holes. More holes, more patching. Another day. Repeat. Cut a piece of craft wood to replace the counter with hand tools (ill advised) -- the saw wasnt working at the box store. I didnt too much sawing other than thin plywood. Finally got the bumper cleaned up to be painted, two rattle cans later it wants to be black, not white. Most parts, toilet, sink, faucets, wood, seats, cushions are all here. Just waiting on the roof to be patched and then built up from inside. Way too many holes. Very very slow. I was hoping for a lick of primer inside before taking more pictures. It might be a while. Meanwhile one holding strap each on gray and black tanks wants replacement. Old straps are rusted and twisted. They are mounted to the frame with these long bolts and a single nut with almost impossible to reach location, extensions or not. And they are rusted together, no amount of wd40 moves them. How do you get these nuts off when the bolts are free rotating, you cant use two tools and its practically impossible to get there anyway.
  2. Get well WME. Think of this as a dodged bullet.In C range you are talking not just ordinary paralysis but impact on every bodily function. You dont want the alternative. These things can take not just 6 weeks like a common fractured bone, but upto 18months to fully resolve. Take care.
  3. This isnt really true (wifi to the cloud bit). The security camera firms want additional data/dollars, so they force the cloud bit on you sometimes. But as a rule, any standard wifi camera will support what is called ONVIF https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ONVIF the cheap chinese non-standard ones will create a server accessible only to its own app. But even there a cloud shouldnt be involved. The solution originally propose (as also noted by the poster in a reply) relies on a camera that creates its own hotspot, that the kindle will connect to. I have been nitpicking by replying with wifi router required type of solutions. Again, no internet traffic involved. But given that it is a motor*home*, perhaps smart plugs, cameras etc come into play too. They need internet.
  4. So I looked around and didnt find anything meaningful anywhere. Everyone wants to replace, weld, patch exhaust pipes. Instead, what needs to be diagnosed is why there is a yellowy rust like residue in the exhaust. In the pipe, and on the ground where the exhaust hits. What gives? Anyone know? thanks.
  5. Indeed the attraction is the small size/btu. Cant you plug it in into some 120V and make sure it still runs, these are basically drop in and wire. There is not much that comes up in california that is reasonable and honest in terms of parts. I remain interested if you can test, and find out what usps will charge. I was going to put off the a/c until after the reconstruction, so this is just in case there is a reasonable and easy solution for both of us.
  6. There wasnt any hot water piping when I started. In pictures, I only see this one kind of pipe. The grey one. Is there a difference between the hot and cold water pipes or are they the same here. thanks.
  7. mark, When mr. car was functional, it had everything. A generator, an a/c, a roof rack, TV, obviously the water heater and the three way fridge. I received none of these. The generator will be a 2000i equivalent, the old micros are hard to find and they will be unreliable. The A/C has some liquid in it, clearly circulates it. There arent any air bubbles but I doubt the pressure is where it should be. Its off the immediate checklist. Same as the hoses. For now, only the truck battery (2016 code but not sure if it holds charge, need to jump to start for now) is the only thing on the list. Under the hood, probably not much else needed. Mechanically will need to also examine brakes, axle, transmission at some point. But totally illiterate on those subjects, nothing needs immediate simple attention like fluids or leaks. So, for now, its back to roof scraping and repair.
  8. If you find a solution that is ONVIF compliant (any standard viewer can connect, or at least some sort of rstp type streaming method) with low latency then do post the details. 2.4GHz is not a reliable solution no matter whether you use this wifi or the receiver/transmitter posted by the other poster. The other common complaint is that performance severly degrades in real traffic. And thats if there arent others using similar devices near you. Congested traffic is really when this might actually come handy. I have an adhoc solution (suffers the same reliability concern to some extent, but phones have larger antennae and are better hotspots than the camera) -- using a cheap prepaid phone, instead of a camera like this. They are better constructed, can act as DVR with internal storage, have own batteries, better cameras, some sort of LED lighting (but usually poor or no functional night vision), and the software is generally reliable and usable with any viewer. A cheap wide angle lense glued on to a prepaid phone installed inside with the lense poking out could be a great solution. Unfortunately: poor night vision. I can do four of these to get a 360+ degrees view+DVR for basically zero cost if you use your own tablet. It serves a secondary security camera function. Probably this hack, and a wired USB video input with decent night performance is what I will end up with.
  9. Linda, He has one on his roof already. Jon, Is it known to work, and is it even possible to ship it to the west coast? PM me the logistics if it works and you can find a way to ship it without breaking the bank to san francisco.
  10. So, there are downsides of this solution too. Major -- no distance/parking lines/markers on the video. Latency, variable at that. Power consumption. Wifi also wants a router for the camera and the tablet to connect. On the positive side, you could have more than one camera, and you can add/remove/ replace/upgrade parts practically on the fly. As a dashcam, the solution has great potential. As rear view, probably not a great idea because of reliability concerns. There are wired USB cameras, possibly compatible with the fire but 20+ feet is too long for unpowered USB. I havent come across an acceptable solution for rear view yet. I am doing android auto if I get that far --carpentry is hard. I actually took down the old wireless rear view camera, because of dashboard clutter. Something is needed to replace it here as well. edit: i see some of these cameras act as a router. But those also limit the applications you can use to see the video.
  11. jon, what btu is the coleman? i want something small, certainly not the 15000 btu variety.
  12. Tiling Shower Pan?

    Some sinks started out "cream" colored. Then no amount of whitening will do. They knew brominations will darken, so started out yellowy. If its a normal plastic sink, just screwed in then its probably under 20 dollars to replace it. If you can find a matching size.
  13. Tiling Shower Pan?

    Yes, you can buy bedding zip lock bags or a roll of cling wrap from the dollar store, apply the salon care 40 (wear gloves) liberally. wrap or cover it and set it in the sun for a day to get rid of the bromination. Or, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Retr0bright but I still dont like home remedies. I might like camping if I ever get to do it again, but there is no reason I have to like working endlessly in the mess that is the torn camper while the house fills up with parts that come out and parts that have to go in. I have to do it, but I am holding my nose inside the breathing mask. Thats how much I dont like it. I am stubborn, but this sort of rehash shouldnt need to be done by anyone but a professional -- a job, pays bills, not really pleasant.
  14. Tiling Shower Pan?

    The whitening thing is a hydrogen peroxide based "beauty cream" from sally beauty. salon care 40 volume. you need to be able to enclose the thing in some plastic after applying it AND expose it to the sun for a day. Try not to inhale any vapors. I dont like home remedies.
  15. toilet sink drain and pipe

    Derek, I only have a small single sink in the conquest. The toilet sink will come back as part of the toilet remodel. The bathroom wants to be functional.