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  1. neubie

    tire valve stem extenders

    Hmm. I guess got to figure out how to get some then. I might use Linda's tire shop recommendation unless I was mistaken and already have metal stems. I have only had bad luck with tpms stem caps and stem covers so far, may be this time will be different.
  2. neubie

    tire valve stem extenders

    I feel more paranoid about the stem extender coming loose and getting itself into a troubling spot or worse. I have extenders like this, but forgot to ask for metal stems with the new tires. How long did you go without extenders or were they one of the first things on the todo list?
  3. I hear good things about them. I also read about them coming loose and causing flats. Tires appear to have flexible stems right now. No extensions. What do folks use for extensions? Is it adequate to just carry one extender for when it might be needed or is it better to have some installed permanently?
  4. neubie

    Newbie Help please :) *Water pump related*

    To me this looks like some generation of suburban. This is probably a newer model in same/ different size https://www.amazon.com/Suburban-5067A-Pilot-Ignition-Heater/dp/B00MJUOD20 the manual for this type should have maintenance instructions that might still apply. Sadly the leak is more likely from rust at valve/tank joint than a leaky valve insert. Couldnt hurt to empty the heater and inspect carefully before repairing. At least it looks like an electric ignition type and not a manual pilot model.
  5. neubie

    Newbie Help please :) *Water pump related*

    The pictures are of your hot water heater. It looks a bit uncared for, but these are still made -- google suburban or atwood water heaters, match the model and locate parts for repair. You dont actually get to the inside of the water heater without a borescope but the electrodes and the valves can be replaced. The commonly used valve is at the top, not bottom. Chances are your kitchen sink is over the heater on the other side. There are switches for both the water heater if it has an electric ignition and for the water pump. The water pumps are on demand pumps, they have a built in pressure switch but it doesnt hurt to turn them off if not needed to save battery and pump life. The location of water tanks varies. Its not uncommon for water lines to leak at joints in these old devices. What is under your sofa/bed? Its not hard to repair leaky lines, follow them, locate the leaking seam, obtain the right 3/8" replacement nylon barb accessory and clamp it on. It you are feeling adventurous, go for the sharkbite method of new lines+fittings.
  6. neubie


    the bottom of the cushions is vinyl. They stood up to a wash for me (ended up throwing them out any way in the end because of tobacco smell). I washed them as a regular wash cycle, and tumble dry at the lowest heat. Dont know that one needs hot water. Because I threw them out, cant say if the fabric portion shrank, vinyl didnt show any signs of fatigue. Your mileage may varry depending upon your washing machines.
  7. neubie

    Paranoid about propane?

    Bad valves arent something you ignore or wait upon. There is more than one valve you have to worry about -- when you drain fuel, air is drawn in through another valve to compensate. https://i1.wp.com/hazmatnation.fireemsblogs.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/157/2015/09/Propanetest.jpg There is no control on relief valves and they can be bad too. Vertical tanks arent supposed to be used horizontal or leaned but knocking is a bad, ominous sign. Reducing pressure should help. How you do it isnt clear if the tank is turned off. Is the fridge off too, then? By any chance is there a portable cooktop connection in the setup somewhere that you can setup away/outside just to burn off and reduce pressure? What does the gauge read full or over? Its not easy to overfill modern tanks -- its probably a sensitive valve.
  8. neubie


    there is a deposit on hankook ra18 at 99+installation (15 per?) + taxes and fees. around 800 total. nothing to write home about but hopefully a price point for next person looking.
  9. neubie

    What is this worth

    california prices are completely separated from the rest of the country. Depends upon the shape of the truck and the shell. You might also want to ask for feelers from members of https://www.facebook.com/groups/ToyotaMotorhomeClub/ if you havent already done so. pictures help folks (tires, underside, cab, coach, roof) make more educated guesses.
  10. neubie


    Can you do 195R15s? I believe my 86 gulfstream is strictly 185r14s. The challenge wasnt to find them cheaper (amazon has ra18s at 87 shipped) it was to have them mounted/balanced without moving them around yourself. I am resigning to paying 110+mounting fees this time.
  11. neubie


    Pricematch is a possibility, the challenge is that amazon seller is a third party if I recall right. I can get RA18s at around 110 at america's tire, plus whatever fees they add. Am leaning there for now. Its a hundred bucks extra or so but keeps actual work off my hands. Lets see if that works out.
  12. neubie


    Its about a hundred dollar difference between doing this or just letting the local tire store overcharge. My back has been rather lousy of late, which makes me extra skittish about handling tires myself. Any other time I would do as you suggest, this time I am hesitent to do this myself. Fear it will just get stuck incomplete. Will think it over and see if I can convince myself I can still get it done.
  13. Yes, take out the bead, wash in hot water with dawn or something and stick back while still pliant.
  14. neubie

    Paranoid about propane?

    A tank should not be knocking. Its usually due to a valve issue or air/fuel mixture issue. But thats based on non-rv propane tank experience. If the tank isnt big, is it possible to disconnect it safely? Does it knock even when its turned off completely? May be at least reduce the pressure as much as possible by burning off some of the gas at a slow rate? Then have the tank and lines inspected.
  15. neubie


    The local tire store wasnt welcoming, and the monkey manning the terminal wasnt very attentive (sorry, but bad behavior is bad behavior when you expect to dust a thousand dollars off an unsuspecting customer). Pointed the right direction, eventually came up with RA08 then priced them an quoted an amount and a couple days to get them. Clicked through and screen changed to RA18s and obviously the higher price. Pretended or didnt notice. When shown the change went back and forth a couple times and feigned ignorance. Said would call Hankook tomorrow and let me know, they had apparently closed already for the day. This just seems like a bad database entry with this tire store chain. I am not holding my breath. They are way too busy, at least the local store, to pay any attention to any single order or quote. Their customers werent discerning either, didnt seem to know what they were looking for. Strike 2 in tire hunt. Onward to next option.