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  1. Door lock for the camper door

    Its not always obvious for old locks. When manufacturers go away, cylinders arent made or key designs become obsolete a locksmith may be able to do nothing for you. The simple confirmation here was that locksmiths still do typically have compatible keys. If you look around the toyota motorhome groups you will find plenty of people who have just given up on the lock because they dont have a key. See jjrbus above here, in this very thread.
  2. By our october standards, we had a flood. Two tenth of an inch to be precise. But the shower did no visible damage. Who knows what inches will do, but for normal circumstances and weather, I can get over the fear of everything going to mush and get on with finishing the inside. Yep.
  3. Tonight, in just a few hours, it is supposed to rain. And this time it looks like it actually might. This year was like one of the drought years of recent past. Not a single drop of rain in the past several months. I could use a tarp. It would be the smart thing to do. But I am feeling brave and want to test the repair and seal. Lets see if they pass.
  4. Door lock for the camper door

    For those with a lock and no key, a locksmith can make one for you, cheap. With my deadbolt I also had the cylinder "reorganised" to different key. I will probably switch the deadbolt over to number pad system. Have that lock, but no time to check if it fits. Another little known gem with the entry lock is that the latch will only work if the keyhole is left in vertical position and not if its in the locked position. This cylinder also comes out easy, but trying to change its key is probably not much of an added security. Seen quite a few people struggle with the latch and give up on the entry door lock entirely. All the cabinet locks have cheap and easy replacements that are unique pin tumblers. The compartments arent difficult to get in without keys, but at least you will see evidence of a breakin.
  5. This is the plan. It is foiled a bit by the level of access port from the outside. Folks have tried such things as moving closer to the dinette lengthwise as well. But that just leaves a difficult to seal open vent and makes repair access even harder. It will take more than measure twice, I am guessing. Should have some idea of layout by next week. I may try a foam board mockup instead of goigle sketch-it.
  6. I was exaggerating a bit. But even you have to admit at 2ft floor space is at a premium. Not to mention the constant danger of bumping toes into every extending corner. Everyone who tries to board cats has to worry about where the litterbox will fit as well. The airliner aisle situation isnt right for me. Plan on carrying less rather than building more boxes up the walls and on the floor.
  7. The cabinets will be all new except for some lids/doors. I am keeping the lids for expediency, for now. I am not doing wall to wall cupboards, trying to keep as much space for the cats to run around as possible. The 18 inch walkway always strikes me as converting a good full camper into a truck cabover camper. Nothing over the windows, a compact hideaway dining solution, and the fridge cabinet+storage combined with the kitchen island as the only immobile/non configurable items in the coach.
  8. Thanks Linda. The cab is getting ever so close everyday. There is rain in forecast wed-thurs. Am hoping I can get started on the last of the woodworking over the weekend or next week. Then only holes for sink, faucets, oven will remain. Cant wait for woodwork to be over. You really need bench tools for cutting anything over 1/8 inch. Hopefully no reworking for a while once screwed in.
  9. Time is near when I will have to make the pigeon hole for the fridge and microwave and marry it to the fridge vent. Can some kind person share verify the cupboard dimensions for the americana rm2351 type fridges? They are 29-3/4 inch height x 20-1/2 inch width x 21-3/8 inch depth. But I dont expect the housing shelf to be 1/2 or 3/8inch match. What size are they? How high from the ground? Most of the time I see a countertop over it. Does it go back to the vent? Is there sort of a chimney around the vent? Anything on top? What is next to the fridge? There should be space leftover on top of the wheel housing and before the dinette. What goes there? This is in a 20ft conquest but given that the stock cupboards didnt come with it, any reasonable design will be acceptable. I am just looking for known working dimensions since the fridge wont be in its housing for a while. thanks.
  10. The battery holds charge and charges. 12.8v after trickle charge. Need to see what the capacity is, check water and so on. Meanwhile, some days are strange. Today I was only hoping to cleanup the litterboxes, more or less. But then for no reason I gathered all the courage lying around and put it on the roof. Along with a can of elastomeric coating that came recommended from another member, some painting tools, a bunch of paper towels, some dicor self leveling sealant, a scraper, some eternabond, a pair of scissors, a spray bottle of water, a bucket and a trash can. And two 2x8s and some 1/2 inch ply for a scaffold. All on the roof with courage. It was hell getting up there. Its not warm for too long these days either. But at the end of back breaking hours of just sitting to give the joints a break and the paint some time to dry, I got one coat in. Two coats gives decent coverage and decent appearance but all I got was one measly coat. The roof needed it. In the process, got to look at the vents, back vent is an old camco. But not terrible except for crap on the frame that might be rust. Front vent is Hengs. Newer but utter crap. Cover is already getting ready to leave. Didnt fall through the roof. Didnt fall off it either. But boy was it hard. Forgot the roller, ended up working with a large brush instead of doing up/down gymnastics from the roof. Made it harder. Move scaffold few inches, make sure there is a beam always underneath the scaffold (not hard with 8 foot sticks running entire length of the roof), move to other ply piece, reposition the first one. then clean with krud kutter, clean with water, wipe dry, paint. rinse and repeat, literally. Even then you get the usual mixed bag of flying insects making fossils for future generations. Ignore them. Under normal circumstances, you can go back to the beginning at the end to start the second coat, but its not warm enough here. Not that I had the strength left to try it. Next year. For expected mild weather,one cot should still keep water out of the new roof. I can reasonably expect things to stay dry now. There isnt any water expected for another week (all them fires the downside, obviously) but I am not as worried anymore. Given how rotten the old setup was, water really scares me that it will waste months of effort. Will fix the remaining orange markers (middle three, yet another scaffold operation) and then hope for the best. Back to the interior with only 29 major things to do.
  11. On the progress front, there isnt much. The bathroom walls got one layer of paInt and convinced me that things will look a whole lot better when painting is done. But there are a million imperfections in the coach wallpaper that I regret not just scraping it off entirely Now that its primered, its more a patching process. The kitchen island has a top (no holes for sink or oven yet) and I have a bath vanity/closet bottom. Again missing its holes. Need to make up, clean, paint the shelves for the furnace and oven. As well as the bathroom vanity cabinets. It will take me weeks! All the parts of the ac cabling are here, except for one circuit breaker but I have days of cleanup both in the rv and garage before I can make progress again. The work list still has 30 major items. And I mean paint the roof before rains major. Easily several months to go. Thats if I dont try cleaning up underneath the truck. Its a long project. I envy folks like jon bruno who can bump out entire cabinetry in a day. I cant even finish one layer of primer in a day.
  12. Linda, Thanks. Thats the goal of the investigation. Here is the battery in question. Dont have a picture of the front but it just has the name and logo of battery alliance inc as shown at top of http://batteryalliance.com/buy-wholesale-deep-cycle-batteries/ You can see one of the stickers. The other is on the front. I figured there ought to be better coding/modeling of batteries but at least this brand seems to be google absent. These stick ons may not be model numbers but I dont know if I should be sluething for etched codes or just replace with a known quantity.
  13. Coach battery says its a battery alliance in heavy duty continuous use marine/rv battery. With small stickers of a12 and j10 but no model number, capacity information or age information. Battery alliance seems to be a wholesaler of sorts. Any ideas on finding out the battery capacity or age?
  14. Ended up with one of the listings there. By the way, you noted the water heater is 225. I was resigned to about 50 higher for an electric ignition new. Whats your preferred vendor for the heater? thanks.