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  1. 88 Toyota booth area

    put new blinds up and sewed a ruffled valance for window. The table needed a little repair on the edging, I used Armor All for the shine on the table.
  2. 88 Toyota view looking back

    Resealed and replaced the toilet and put new carpeting on floor. the cushions on the banquet were in great shape.
  3. 88 toyota sink stove

    Didn't have to do anything to the stove however I did add peel and stick backsplash I found online
  4. 88 toyota sink area

    Hung new blinds and a pretty new 12V lamp i found on the internet
  5. 88 Toyota shower

    Shower was in great shape just had to clean up and reseal edges
  6. 88 toyota kitchen sink only

    Sink was in great shape
  7. 88 toyota Bed and Ceiling

    repaired ceiling
  8. 88 toyota bed

    Luxurious bed
  9. 88Toyota bath sink only

    Bathroom Sink
  10. 88Toyota exterior

    This is the outside of the 1988 Toyota Winnebago
  11. Fernmom260@yahoo.com

    Newest acquisition and project 1991 Toyota Odyssey. Will post project as I go along!