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  1. Hello from barra de navidad Mexico , Good idea for the mini awning ,I am thinking of building the bigger awning that woul cover the whole side of my Toy , something very manual , just like in the photos above . anybody with any tips ?or extra photos I could study ? Thank you in advance .
  2. Need advice on back rack containers.

    I welded 2 big hinges on bumper of my Itasca for a light foldable platform ,not installed yet . could hold bike or chairs ...a project for Mexico !
  3. We wanted to thank you so much for your report as we are heading to lukeville in our 1991 Itstaca and passing through San Carlos, Guaymas to Barra de navidad where our old boat is. Your report is precise and surely will help many . attnt in Guaymas last year gave us 6gb a month of data and phone to US and Canada for 50 us $ if you sign for 2 months !!! thats $25 US a month .San Carlos police will provide an Estrella you can stick behind you car for a 100 pesos ! Makes you more local down the road ,a Canadian sticker helps too ! it has been advised to us to drive through Guaymas going south early in the morning and avoid eye contact with cops ,they love to pull you over ...the rest is up to you for the propina and we be seen it first hand on another toyotamotorhome last year . good place to stay at the marina Guaymas . thanks again for info . Mel and Ced
  4. I think that might be the master cylinder as you said ,thank you ! was it a big job to replace the unit ?
  5. Thanks , did this exactly , still no more fluid coming out of bleeder valve .... somebody mentionned master cylinder ? may look into that tomorrow
  6. As we were driving from California to New Mexico ,the brakes started to not respond on the second pumping of pedal .Must be air in the system we said in unison! so 60 miles before our destination in Taos MM we decided to bleed the lines on the side of the road to free them from potential air bubbles . my wife was pressing on brakes as I was opening the bleeder valve in the back wheels and closing it when she lifted the pedal. the juice ran clear for a while and then stopped running altogether!!! both rear wheels !!! the break fluid reservoir was always filled up to prevent any new bubbles from getting in the system since the back brakes where now not spitting fluid ..we moved on the front passenger brakes which stopped spitting also ....only the one on driver side . we drove the next 60 miles on with the hand brake glued to my right hand !!!!and made it ! that was before running through a red light in espanola!!! what a day !!! Now safely parked in mother s in law driveway !!! trying to figure out what to do next before driving down to Mexico . any suggestions anybody? Thanks a million in advance
  7. Thanks , and it went on perfectly . a good move indeed ! and a little luck ! You
  8. Securing solar panels on a Sunrader

    100 watt solar panel will charge your battery in full sun in a short time then you go park in the shade ,even in semi shade it works .
  9. So I ripped it off because there was a kink that one cannot see in the picture and my friend saw that but I guess he has a trained professional eye and I do not !!!! found another seal at autozone that looks a lot tougher if that can be of help for anybody . Thanks for any feed back !
  10. Just installed my oil seal after re packing hubb bearings ,my friend tell me to do it again because I taped it too deep , I am about to rip it off and start again , anybody knows how deep it needs to go ? here is a pic of it before ripping it off ! Thanks guys for feed back !
  11. Doing the same myself , napa did not have it but suggested to bring the hub ! you can also make your own gasket they say .
  12. Thank you so much . will study it ,and start the project this week end .
  13. Thanks man ,will check ,can you specified idle kick valve .and shaft seal , o ring ?
  14. Merci beaucoup !, Brake cleaner only car je n aie pas de pressure washer ,ca devrait marcher ?! Vive le Quebec! et les Québécois!
  15. Hey fellows toyoters . New to the forum and trying my first post ! My 1991 itstaca spirit has been leaking power steering fluid for the last 5000 miles and it is getting worst !!!! it started leaking a little on the passenger side and now it also on the driver side and with the fix leak bottles from Walmart it did not even slow down the leaking . So now I have a place to work on it for a couple of weeks and I look at all these oily parts and don t even know where to start !!!!! kind of like a panic attack ! But , I know there is a solution for everything , Any of you good souls could put me on the right track ....?.....Cannot afford the mechanic. Got to do it myself !!! Thank you . r