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  1. Adding to my own topic here ....the 35520-35050 on eBay is a Fuel throttle cable not a detent cable . Thanks guys ! and A personnal Thanks to Linda for taking the time .
  2. Adding to my own topic here ....the 35520-35050 on eBay is a Fuel throttle cable not a detent cable . Thanks guys ! so now I will shift well and can watch TV as well ...haha..
  3. Adding to my own topic here ....the 35520-35050 on eBay is a Fuel throttle cable not a detent cable .
  4. thank you all for the cable update , here is a picture of the actual detente cable coming in transmission, I understand that it is not part # CA 1994 and as you can see it looks broken. So off I go to look for Toyota part Number 35520-35050 for the detent cable ! for the v6 engine , right ?!
  5. Thanks , the cable is exactly the size you said . To install it , can I do the adjustments myself ? the static , yes will ground the engine and chassis better .
  6. The reason I took the picture of this cable is that it looks to short to reach from top of engine down to gear lever shifter . do you you think this is the right one ? the engine now stalls when idling and I discovered static from car body like some stray currents are present and engine fires really weird sometimes it settle to normal and then gets really wobbly. new spark plugs , 02 sensor , cdistribution cables, new cap , new rotor ....sea foam for injector cleaner ....twice ! Still going up hills at 15 mph . No engine check lights limped to Globe Az , How would you prioritize in this situation ? had a mobile mechanic change distributor cap and rotor said it was the problem , changed fouled spark plug that did not fire because bad distributor. No power still . Is it the gear problem or something else ? thank you for any feedback . Ps when in 2 engine will slow down to 15 mph and screens back to 20 , 25 and back to 15 on slopes while other scream by at 60mph! my L gear has never worked !!since i bought the car
  7. Stuck in globe Arizona with a automatic detente cable that barely pass gears .
  8. it Was the distributor that was faulty and a bad distributor cable that was sparking and jotled the nice mobile mechanic that did not charge us an arm and a leg ! the gear shift cable picture I posted before is out a position and should be changed , that is why the gears are all going weird . It is 10 times cheaper he told me to do the gear repair cable in Mexico and on the hills just go second gear like you said . He tested the flow of gas by disconnecting the fuel line and that was a flow !!!!means really good fuel pump . Thanks God the sparking did not ignite all the spilled gasoline ! hope that can be helpful to all stranded souls out there on the road . ps : o Reilly s rocks and suggested a mobile mechanic .
  9. The trans fluid is clear reddish brown, no smells . At least we managed to park in town next to o Reilly, the car feels like it wants to stall constantly.
  10. After major spark plug change and distributor cable change as well as 02 sensor change , it is getting worst ....no power . drove 150 miles today , no engine light ,every time I push gas pedal there is a small jerking motion , engine is reving full blast , gears shifting like crazy , pedal to the metal all the time .no power , gas mileage horrible . Cannot diagnose ... air ? Fuel ? HELP anybody with knowledge of this Toyota between Socorro NM and Phoenix AZ that wouldn’t rape and pillage me ?!!!!
  11. It was the 15 A fuse back break tail light half melted . All well now going for a test drive till next time !!!!
  12. After all that work !!!! changed spark plugs and distributor cables as well as o2 sensors .was ready for test drive , fired right up , automatic transmission refuses to get into gear . Hand lever will not move !! help !
  13. So , looked for 2 nd o2 sensor around manifold exhaust of my v6 , if any body had a diagram cause I can only find one which I replaced front of cat converter .as well as where is that af temp sensor ? changed all spark plugs and distributor wires , she seems to be running ok ...still a little weird on the idle when I gas full on and stop but overall she feels right . Doing test drive around town today .
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