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  1. odysseybernard

    4x4 Conversion on Ebay

    How safe is that without dualies with all that weight? Tires don't match. Gas filler is in the back, maybe an oversize tank which you would need due to poorer mileage than the 2x4. Otherwise very similar to our 91 Odyssey other than twice the miles. It is so risky to buy one without seeing it and inspecting. Hidden water damage is so labor intensive and hard to fix.
  2. odysseybernard

    Why is it so hard to find Odyssey Americanas?

    I believe one just sold bin on eBay last week for $17.2. rear panoramic windows just like our Odyssey ponderosa. Was in great shape and owner had put a lot of work into it. I'm putting a Ford center console foldable jump seat with seat belt in the isle behind the driver's seat against the outside of the shower wall, he had 2 there for his kids. Nice upgrade for the rear panoramic window layouts.
  3. odysseybernard

    1990 Toyota Odyssey V6 / 21' / Panoramic Rear Windows

    Panoramic rear windows means either a ponderosa or mesa, 22 ft. They are rare. Took us a year looking for a panoramic rear window model to find our ponderosa. We really like it. Odysseys at 22 ft are the largest Toyota RV; wider and taller also and probably heavier. Easy to drive and use the rear view mirror with the large rear window. Wife and I just resealed all our windows with butyl tape. We converted our back dinnette, now have two jackknife sofas that fold into a queen-size bed. Have a removable, back wall attaching table that extends between the sofas when used and stows under the rear window. It's a great layout; all who have seen it seem to like it.
  4. odysseybernard

    90 Odyssey purchase

    I will double check them. I also have an elevator close by and am going to see exctly how much the odyssey weighs with empty tanks.
  5. odysseybernard

    90 Odyssey purchase

    Thanks for the tips on the tires and propane tank. DTD guy is checking on the hankooks.He said c rated allows 1600/tire, D rated 2095/tire. As Derek said, if im under 6000lbs, I may use up the 2014 c tires and replace with the hankooks d rated when replacement is necessary.
  6. odysseybernard

    90 Odyssey purchase

    Recall was done in 2002 in LA, as rv is from calif. so very little undercarriage rust. Engine, transmission, brakes, muffler all ok. I have done water pumps, timing belts, brakes, etc. so I'm fine with the truck mechanicals thermostat was replaced after apparently overheating, but coolant ok,and engine runs great. My experience with Toyota thermostats is they usually stick open not closed, and temp guage stays low and heater output is not hot. Amazon has a rear view mirror with an imbedded center back up camera input that I put in my previa that's cheap and works great. You just hook it up to the reverse light and ground and 12v source. I will duplicate this in the odyssey. Comes in either a 4 or 5 inch diagonal measurement. I can give more info if this is allowed. Amazon also has a cheap, easy to install remote keyless entry setup for less than 20 dollars, nice keyfob with lock and unlock buttons, also easy to install. My cupholder solution is a single din radio/Bluetooth setup, with a 1/4 din pullout 2 cup holder, over a 1/4 din dummy faceplate, pulled from another Toyota at a pick a part. Lastly, there is a really neat $15 cig. lighter Bluetooth plugin that you tune to an empty fm station, can play all your smartphone music and gives you Bluetooth, with good reviews. Thanks for the replies; hopefully I can contribute as well in the future. .
  7. odysseybernard

    90 Odyssey purchase

    Thanks so much for the replies. Please forgive my neophyte questions. I will use the search feature also, but must make a quick decision. Ive been looking for an odyssey with the large rear bay window and rear dinette/ couch arrangement, has lots of light and nice segregated sleeping arrangement from the cabover. The odyssey is a few inches larger inside as well I believe. Is there a way to charge the coach battery other than the thru the engine alternator, or should I just replace it. Walmart, autozone, is it a special battery? Will the overhead coach a/c run off the engine battery and alternator while driving, even if the coach battery is dead? I could also just hook up to power to see if working. There is a converter also, will check to see if it is the 6800 which another post said is a poor performer. Should I start the propane/ furnace to see if functional? If I fill the fresh water tank, and turn the faucet on, does that prove the water pump is working? Then I can check underneath for leaks. Lots of 120v outlets inside, as a former owner has surround sound, etc. A cable tv coax cable is there, but I don't see a roof antenna, maybe imbedded into the roof rack? Thanks again; will let you know what I find.
  8. odysseybernard

    90 Odyssey purchase

    My coworker is offering me his 1990 81 k Odyssey for 8k. 185/14 c rated tires only 3 years old. Will I need to buy d rated? Minor evidence of leakage at cabover corners and rear window but no stains. Runs fine but coach batt. Was dead and test drive not long enough to charge it to start and test generator, 2.8 onan, fridge, or roof air. He says they all worked last summer. All tanks are empty, he says he used RV antifreeze, so really don't know if leaks or water heater or pump condition. Appreciate any advice. Thanks!