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  1. Air purged water lines. Rv antifreeze needed?

    Thanks for the replies. Wife and I now realize we should have pressurized and used the water system this summer before we remodeled our Odyssey to make sure no leaks. We hesitate to try it out now in December with RV antifreeze; if there is a leak we will have a red mess all over. Very little water if any left in pipes after the air, so gonna wait till spring and pressurized the system with water then. Also there is no heater bypass installed. I have the bypass kit, but there is no room to install the valves without the pipes sticking out the cabinet door. Will add a picture shortly.
  2. First time winterizing rv. Have drained the hot water tank. (Previos owner said rv was winterized when purchased in may, 2017 ???, Was not pink or red water at all). No tank bypass. Lucky no leaks and tank held air pressure when I air purged the lines at the water hookup and then removed the heater drain plug again. Have drained all tanks and air purged the water lines at the faucets and toilet. Shower was hardest. First I ran the water pump briefly for 10 seconds and after air purge i disconnected the pump inlet hose, no water drainage at all. Used one rv antifreeze bottle and poured some in all drains, toilet, and all 3 tanks. Don't believe there is any water left anywhere, so do I really need to pump more antifreeze into the water lines until the faucets run red? Thanks.
  3. I considered a portable generator solution, but I decided to bite the bullet and fix my Onan 2.8 microlite since it only had 240 hours on it. Just reinstalled it and runs great after new carb, sp plug, oil change, fuel and air filter, voltage regulator, brushes. It runs my roof 13.5 a/c and microwave easily with no discernible rev change. You can definitely tell that it's on when inside but it's quieter than I thought it would be. The convenience of starting and stopping it from the inside and running off the truck gas tank (of course has to be greater than a quarter tank full ) is nice. But it was a lot more expensive than I thought to get it running well. There is a LOT of hot cooling air coming out around the exhaust pipe underneath the RV when running, so a portable unit running in an enclosed box I imagine might be a problem without significant cooling airflow.
  4. 27 volts at coach and truck batteries

    Thanks for the reply. You're right, I had the voltmeter on a/c instead of d/c. It now reads correctly. Can't blame that on being a senior!
  5. 27 volts at coach and truck batteries

    Reinstalling my generator and thought I would check the voltage to make sure I had the hot 12 volt wire connected correctly at the generator. I'm getting around 27 volts at the hot 12 volt DC starting wire at the generator???. So I used the voltmeter to check the voltage at the coach battery which was also 27 volts. So I then check the voltage at the truck battery, which was also 27 volts. Is this normal???? Shouldn't it be 13 to 14 volts everywhere? Or maybe do I have a bad isolator and the coach and truck batteries are connected in series??? I have the solenoid cylindrical type isolator on the firewall. I don't want to fry my now functioning fixed generator with 27 volts to start it, although I'm suspecting it has always been 27 volts even before I pulled the generator out of the RV, and it never hurt it before. Thanks.
  6. Finished product. Wife also recovered the headrests and a pillow with leftover matching material from the back jackknife double couch/bed remodal that we did. There is a double cupholder pullout under the lid. I also swapped the front fascia from s 94 4runner sr5 so I would have 2 cupholders in the dash instead of just 1 and that fake cupholder that was on the original fascia. Don't know why I need 6 but better than 1.
  7. At a recent Toyota RV rally in Illinois, one of the other owners noticed that I needed new rear leaf spring bushings as shown. Upon further inspection, the driver side rear shackle was bent toward the center, resulting in the leafsprings touching the outer shackle arm. I just ordered two new shackles for 55 apiece, which included the 4 bushings on either side. To me, It looks exactly like the one that was on there, wasn't sure it was for the 1 ton when ordering. The front eyelet ls bushings were ok. A shop installed them for $180. First 2 shops wouldn't do it.
  8. 1990 Toyota Odyssey V6 / 21' / Panoramic Rear Windows

    Panoramic rear windows means either a ponderosa or mesa, 22 ft. They are rare. Took us a year looking for a panoramic rear window model to find our ponderosa. We really like it. Odysseys at 22 ft are the largest Toyota RV; wider and taller also and probably heavier. Easy to drive and use the rear view mirror with the large rear window. Wife and I just resealed all our windows with butyl tape. We converted our back dinnette, now have two jackknife sofas that fold into a queen-size bed. Have a removable, back wall attaching table that extends between the sofas when used and stows under the rear window. It's a great layout; all who have seen it seem to like it.
  9. Thanks Dan. A lot harder to access than on the 4 cylinder. Gonna change oil and pull the filter for better access.
  10. My 91 Odyssey v6 had and has Toyota red, which I also used after flushing 3 times with distilled water. Supposedly produces less rust with iron block engines than the green coolant per the yotatech forums. Supposedly need to change the green more frequently due to rust formation. I always use Toyota red in my 97 previa altrac (best snow vehicle I have ever driven), 89 mr2 supercharged, and 02 ls430. My temp gauge is always below halfway unless going 60 on the highway with the a/c on, when it gets just past halfway but no where near the red zone.
  11. Am replacing my oil pressure switch/light with a guage, so I have the new round sender guage, but can't find the sender port location on the v6, doesn't seem to be down by the oil filter like on the 4 cylinder. Anyone know? Thanks.
  12. Can't recall the vehicle I pulled it from, a Subaru or Kia maybe? Also pulled the lid from a 94 Celica which has the undersurface pull out cupholder times 2. It is wider and added 2 layers of foam padding on top and the wife is recovering it with same material as the seats. I will switch the lids when done. Why I will need 5 cupholders i don't know. Also did the overhead map light switch from a 95 4runner, 2 instead of 1 light. Nice upgrade.
  13. Recent pullapart trip looking for Seats with built in armrest, but all either electric or too heavy. Found this armrest, wife recovered and installed with 4 screws, 2 on each side of center hump as in picture. Also found a cupholder for an empty double din slot, but dash breakdown was a little time consuming
  14. Thanks for the ideas and comments. I'll try the mass air flow sensor. Hope it's not an injector, doesn't seem to be missing, bit certainly could be considering the age. Appreciate the video and service manual diff dx, Any ideas where the engine ground bolt would be located?