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  1. chang50012

    On Demand water heater?

    Wow, That maybe even better idea. Never thought about that until now. So it could run electric or Propane once it installed? Does it need professional install or I could do it?
  2. chang50012

    On Demand water heater?

    Maybe because we use a lot of hot water? When I took shower the last time in our Warrior, I struggled to get the temperature right and only got about one minutes of shower time. We don't really dry camping and most of time will have full hook up with sewer connection. I just got a call from RV shop say this Model will not fit in place from Atwood 6 Gallon. The search is continue then.
  3. chang50012

    On Demand water heater?

    New season and new project. Thinking about replace the Atwood 6 gallon water heater with the On Demand one like this one Suburban 5132A IW60 On-Demand Water Heater https://www.amazon.com/SUBURBAN-MFG-5132A/dp/B013002JD2 Anyone done something similar? Thanks
  4. chang50012

    Electric Bike Conversion

    Was thinking about 50 cc gas one and the electric bike, end up with 1000W electric scoot. Happy about it and just less than $500.00 Heavier than I wanted but powerful enough to climb some hills and last on longer distance. Could be folded up and store inside RV while traveling to.
  5. chang50012

    Collapsible Rear Carrier

    This is what I got. Similar idea but each side could be removed if not need or item is too big to fit into the basket. http://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200511417_200511417
  6. chang50012

    CL Search Technique

    Here is how I search CL
  7. I found a good reference and my owner manual matched that reference too Since I have no generator installed, per paper my net carry capacity will be about 700#. My new to me Rig still in the shop for all the oil changes. I will report back once I have chance to weight it.
  8. I am fully aware the GVWR is 6000 lb for my 1992 Winnebago Warrior. Just could not find the time to weigh my rig but want to get some idea how much room I have once get full tank of gas and fill up the propane. Would love to know some dry weight numbers if you have yours. Thanks in advance.
  9. chang50012

    Hitch receiver for 1992 Warrior?

    Derek up North, Any reason one want with "No Towing" stickers attached?
  10. chang50012

    Hitch receiver for 1992 Warrior?

    Hunksman, Thanks you very much for those pictures. Yours looks like with tow package installed. I will try to do the same to add the hitch receiver. Thanks
  11. chang50012

    Hitch receiver for 1992 Warrior?

    Feel like a Aluminum.
  12. chang50012

    Hitch receiver for 1992 Warrior?

    Wow, I like that. How much weight for the Scooter plus the platform?
  13. chang50012

    Hitch receiver for 1992 Warrior?

    Wow, not only we have same year with same model, Even the mileage are similar. Would you mind to provide some pictures to tell me how the hitch receive is attached to your frame? I would like to do the same. Thanks
  14. chang50012

    Hitch receiver for 1992 Warrior?

    Thanks for the information.
  15. Any one done this before? Sorry if someone already done it then if I could have the link and learn from it. Not looking to tow anything, But add a small platform or bike rack is what I am after.