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  1. I bring the Warrior to Mechanic for the oil changes for the RV season. Next thing I know Engine light is on while I on the highway Last used at February without any issue and filled with non ethanol gas until now. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  2. Wow, That maybe even better idea. Never thought about that until now. So it could run electric or Propane once it installed? Does it need professional install or I could do it?
  3. Maybe because we use a lot of hot water? When I took shower the last time in our Warrior, I struggled to get the temperature right and only got about one minutes of shower time. We don't really dry camping and most of time will have full hook up with sewer connection. I just got a call from RV shop say this Model will not fit in place from Atwood 6 Gallon. The search is continue then.
  4. New season and new project. Thinking about replace the Atwood 6 gallon water heater with the On Demand one like this one Suburban 5132A IW60 On-Demand Water Heater https://www.amazon.com/SUBURBAN-MFG-5132A/dp/B013002JD2 Anyone done something similar? Thanks
  5. Sorry did not update more on this thread. Everything stay the same but I just don't have time to bring the RV out since the enlarge of the generator box. I am planing to get temperature monitor and 12v fan and do more testing and report back. It is more likely next year's project now.
  6. Was thinking about 50 cc gas one and the electric bike, end up with 1000W electric scoot. Happy about it and just less than $500.00 Heavier than I wanted but powerful enough to climb some hills and last on longer distance. Could be folded up and store inside RV while traveling to.
  7. For some reason my S8+ did not pick up the sound too good. Maybe the way I holding it. Sorry about the cut off, Just try to test the microwave and make sure it work and it did with generator. Yes, as soon as the appliance kick in the Honda get louder initially. It is possible it was on eco mode and the initially huge Watts were needed.
  8. You are right, I am kind of disappointed about the sound (not sure about vibration yet) when AC kick in and generator sound just go up. But I just try to give me all the possible options to run generator (on board and away from RV or on the cargo rack). Only time will tell which way I will use the most.
  9. Jim, My research show it will should able to be run by the Honda EU2000i, right That is what it come with.
  10. Jim, Great advice, That is EXACTLY the reason I post here to get suggestions. I am no expert and still try to learn one thing a time about our Warrior. for remote temperature gauge or a wireless thermometer, if you don't mind to share which one you are using and where I could get it?
  11. Linda, Was thinking about it. But welder left the box not fully closed since he run of the steel plate. There are couple inch open near bottom of the box If I run generator while driving it should have plenty of air circulation already. Do you think I still need a fan? Thanks
  12. Saw the honda-refit give me the idea to move forward and here is my little project. http://toyotamotorhome.org/forums/index.php?/topic/9948-honda-genset-refit/ Just drove my warrior back from welding shop and my 92 Warrior now could fit the Honda EU2000i which should able to power my Roof AC (9200 BTU) But welding shop did not enlarge it big enough so I will need to find different way to put additional fuel tank somewhere Also got the exhaust extension from ebay and welded to the back of the hondaEU2000i. See some Before and After pictures and the exhaust extension.
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