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  1. Thanks for all of the responses! Definitely have a starting point to work from especially when it comes to the fuel i put in the tank. Going back to regular to see if that is part of the problem. Since I have owned this vehicle I have never checked the air cleaner so that's the first thing I will do this morning. Shocks may be bad also and planning to replace them shortly. The tires I have on the ride scare me because they were made in China by a company called Sailun. On the sidewall the maximum tire pressure is 65 psi cold - I went with the recommended tire pressure shown on the driver's side door which was 50 pounds. Hard to find 'D' rated truck tires now in the 185R 14 size; these came from Walmart. My spare is a Yokahama and I cranked it down to inspect it finding the date code to be 9 years old - the other tires are three years old.
  2. Found out towards the end of my recent journey that my gas gauge does in fact work once the tank goes below the one-half mark. Because my front tires are out of balance I could not go beyond 56 mph or they would start to hop. I really need to buy new tires for the front as a minimum but hard to locate Class 'D' truck tires now. The ones on it are "made in China" with a 'D' rating. My spare is a Yokahama which is 9 years old. Any suggestions on replacement tires? Going to check the air cleaner in the morning. The exhaust does smell a little "rich".
  3. I am only getting 10mpg @55mph in my 1992 Winnebago Warrior. Most of the time I am on cruise control with the overdrive "on" and it kicks down into third gear constantly. Going above 55 my front tires start hopping so I stay at 55 at all times because of that. Tires are inflated to the recommended pressure - checked each one by taking them off and inflating cold. Using midgrade gas too. Any suggestions? I did have a lot of "stuff" in the vehicle though which might be the cause of lower mileage.
  4. Started driving north from West Melbourne Florida with the hopes of making it to Manistee Michigan to visit my son and his family. First fillup after leaving Melbourne (gas gauge only goes to 1/2 of a tank regardless of being full) and subsequent fillups indicated consistent 10 mpg - nothing more. Maximum speed was 55 miles per hour due to tire hop above 55 (tires may be out of balance) plus the transmission continually downshifted out of overdrive going up hills and with headwinds, etc. Bought this RV about a year ago, had a new timing belt professionally installed and it runs and starts like a top except for the performance as previously stated. Any ideas on what could be wrong? We actually turned around and headed back to Florida after four hours of Atlanta Georgia gridlock. Coming home we took the Florida Turnpike from Interstate 75 and I filled up twenty miles before getting to the turnpike entrance. I should have stopped for gas at one of the turnpike plazas but figured I could make it to the 528 exit which was almost a disaster. When we finally got to a gas station along State Road 520 I had a whole 1/2 gallon left in the tank and the fuel gauge was below empty at that point. Finally got to see some movement in the gas gauge. I was stopping to fill up every 100 miles not knowing the gas gauge worked once the tank got below the 1/2 mark. This was a learning experience more than anything. The fuel consumption is my main concern. Any suggestions would be very helpful to me.